Color graded footage and I’ve composited over a typography animation. (used curve modifier)


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Song Fur Thunderstorm, by Green Gerry

Overall nice feeling. Also, i like this mix of “Art Contemporain” and sweetness of nature. Colors and wind fit very well with the song, too!

That had a wonderfully mesmerizing effect on me.

So was the topography done by animating a hook back and forth along a complex curve for each letter?


thanks! it’s shot with a JVC that compressed the crap out of the footage, then I had to compress it again to get it from JVC’s weird format MOI to a h264 (100% quality) so blender could load it, then I rendered the mov’s to JPEGs so I had a image sequence. so alot got lost in translation.

next time I wish I can get my hands on a Canon w/ fullHD film capabilities, so I can play with short focus DOF etc.

colors are what I like the most with it, I use mix nodes and lighten, that just adds color to the dark tones. It gives that “Cross Compressed” look to it.

The typography are bezier curves, and the I added just a cube and used Curve Modifier on the cube. then by moving the cube’s X position in my case, it could made it follow the curve. the fact that it keeps going is just a neat feature, I could have done the bezier curves a lot longer to make a more wavy feeling.

Then I didn’t want to composite 3d to it, just 2d, so I only used the Alpha Image of each letter and no lighting in the scene to make it render faster.

I’m working a current piece where I do the same animated typography but this time I’m doing it in 3d space the animation.

WIP image on my blog here.

I like doing typography in blender, if you know the tools … blender can really have a CAD feeling to it.

image of a old not yet used typography piece.

thanks for the feedback btw, it’s generally what I get from non 3d people hehe a girl started to cry. I guess she was in a emotional state. but it’s soothing. the song is utterly amazing by a LA artist called green gerry.

plz do check out his bandcamp site,

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Full HD cameras are really coming with low prizes out on the market, these days. I also plan to get one. In that same range of preocupations, i also plan to have my renders going to 1080p from the actual 720p choice. Blender Internal really does it fast enough to rise the bar to HD for animations.
Nice animated typography work, you’ve shown… Makes me wonder if i’ll have enough time during this life to learn everything i’d like to do with Blender… so many things i’d love to, yet…! :eek:

And I really even liked the mix of colors … I think that something similar could be used in the game, which I now begin to write.

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Thanks y’all! the color are just compositing tricks.