i made this grass scene and i’d like some critique on it, to improve my skills

4k particles with 20/30 children
2 particle systems
4 lamps
rendered at 75% quality, otherwise the strands get to small.

Nice! Love the mood. My only crits would be to add some shrubs (not just plain grass) and and make that light effect a greater distance… it seems to cut off there about half way up - maybe it’s just a wrong fall-off type

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Maybe make the ground material darker, to simulate the shadows that would be there normally.
made a rabit hole, also the ground plane is darker and has a normal value (forgot to check that box ).

what do you think?

I think you should look to for some help I think colour ramp and grouping objects for grass for good ideas.

There is a lot to critique here… (no offense)

  • Grass color is too dark

  • Lighting, the whole image is too dark

  • Texturing the grass would make it look much better

  • Use a use a farther camera with a higher focal length .Right now it looks like the grass is 30 centimeters (one foot) tall.

  • Use “B-Spline” interpolation to make the strand smoother

  • Add some random length to each strand

  • You can use less particles with more children but be careful not to make it too obvious. To make it better increase the random values on the child panel.

    There is a very good tutorial about that here:

And there is a scene I’ve done here:
You can check the configuration and play with it until you like it…

BTW, what you’ve called “render quality” it’s probably the render size. Below the size in pixel you have a % value that multiplies the render size. eg: if the size is 100x100 with a 50% value it will be 50x50.
the grass is, well look at te picture. it should be 30 cm, also bspline is used but the setting is only three, but that second render screwed that up… (saw that afterwards)

also the grass is textured, maybe it’s not clear enough, i’ll have a look
and it has alot of children already (4000 * 30 = 120000 particle hairs)
before looking here, i spend all day to make a rabit… the model is fine (in my opinion) but the hair texture/material looks like crap, any tips??

also my grass seems to change every time i open the file, i think it’s because i used particle mode, and blender isn’t saving this data correctly…

Can you share the file? I would like to see it and maybe demonstrate some configurations.
(tip: if you are going to upload don’t forget to select the compress check box, it make the file dozens of times smaller)

The scene is way too dark and flat. Are you using a Point light? because a Sun would be better. Also it’s obvious the hills just end about 100 feet ahead, maybe some sort of horizon? Finally, mixing in some other types of plants besides just grass really helps a grassy scene’s realism.

well couldn’t find a compress button, so here is the full file . if someone can tell me where that button is, i’ll upload it again.

also, the light is a point for shadow in the hole, a sun for ighting and 2 spots for a outdoor effect.
any tips on the rabbit fur?

I’ve done quite a lot of changes:
-Corrected the scale, the ground was huge, hundreds of blender units long…

-Changed the color of the grass, and improved the texture. Removed the color ramp from the diffuse panel and set the grass color brighter.

-Changed the camera from the default 35mm to 80mm and put if farther from the hole.

-IMPORTANT: Changed the hair child to INTERPOLATED, this gives much better results. All other configurations were tweaked till they look good…

-Deleted all manual hair edition, it is a problem to edit hair manually, so use vertex groups to do that.

-Used vertex groups to avoid hair inside the hole, and make it denser where holes were appearing.

-Changed the sun intensity to 1.2 (much higher than before), changed it color to a whitish yellow. Tip: when giving color to lamps make it a very bright color (almost wight) because otherwise the will emit less light a lamp with power 100, but black won’t emit light at all.

-Deleted all other lamps. The consume a lot of render time and weren’t actually contributing to the scene.

-Made the ground a higher resolution mesh, with a bumpier surface, to add some variation to the grass hight and distribution.

Those are the changes I remember doing, if I forgot something I’ll put it here. I’ve chosen an angle where the BG didn’t show up because th image was really low-res and I am only demonstrating the hair usage here…

thanks alot :). also thanks 'cause i nog know what i did wrong with vertex groups, the weight paint. now i’ll see how my rabit fits in this scene.

thanks again.