Probably shouldn’t put this in the ‘Finished’ section, it’s only grass.

I used the 1st part of a tutorial on youtube, by Wireheadking, I hope I spelled his name correctly.
Looks like he knows what he’s doing, I actually had to write down values to remember them, heh.

To gain an understanding of the parameters he used, I experimented a lot, at first my image would blow up, so I changed a few things, I reduced the main light energy to 1 again.

I deleted the reflecting light (from tutorial) and put a blend sky instead, with roughly the same amount of energy as the deleted light.

Translucency also played a part in the image blow up, so I reduced it.
I disabled Transparency altogether, there is a consequence to that though. Grass ‘Alpha’ would probably be disabled.

Oh, and one more thing, in the render tab, under shading, I also disabled color management(This one is enabled by default), which also contributed to a washed-up look all over.

I’ve always wanted to create a render similar to this, maybe I’ll populate it with certain objects, make it my own. A ‘thank you’ to the tutor:.

Up the “brownian” and “random size” because right now your grass looks very uniform and straight. The colors are nice, but they look very “tame”, as though the grass belonged to some lawn geek. Otherwise I think it’s pretty good.

The grass in both renders looks blurred, I can’t figure out why that is.
Maybe it has to do with anti-aliasing.

Brownian above 0.02 kinda made it balder, if you know what I mean.
I played with the random size. So, in order to make the grass more random I lost the definition of the slopes, somewhat.

idk, maybe if the scene had a particular aim, I would have been able to decide what I want. Right now, I think I lost control of the yellows and greens, heh.

I would suggest adding a control point or 2 to avoid having the grass so straight - a little curve to them would soften it a bit. And adding more randomness to the direction, and length, and rough. The loss of definition of the slopes looks better, and if you want to add more back after adding more randomness, you can always scale them in z.

It looks like the Damp parameter means ‘bending’, at 0.03 it looks like this, which is pretty bent from what I can see. I have to say, testing this is very fun.

The thing that I noticed, between the first image and this, I’ve lost the lighting that defined the slopes, now the shape of the grass looks better, but the lighting looks worse.
I didn’t change the lighting, only the grass parameters.

I will probably experiment with the parameters that I changed from the tutorial, ie: the main light energy, transparency, translucency. We’ll see where it goes from there, that is, until I’ve exhausted all the options and reached a fairly good result.