Grasshopper style modelling for Blender. Interested?

Would there be much interest from you guys in the blender community in getting together to create a grasshopper style modelling tool for blender? From a user interface side of things it shouldn’t be too hard to make, we already have a node framework, but the engine that drives it would take some time and careful designing. Even though it would be a lot of work, I think that blender could really benefit from a full blown implementation of a tool like grasshopper for rhino; if you havn’t seen it, check it out! As far as I can tell from using it for a while: it’s pretty much just a node based approach to modelling from the ground up. I have a friend who uses it extensively in his architecture work, and highly recommended it to me for such purposes. Being able to go back and change that number of stairs after you’ve modelled the building can sometimes be very hard in blender, even when using modifiers because you are often forced to apply them I’ve found because the blender modifier system is not as flexible (at least on the surface) as a nodal one like grasshopper. The possibilities of grasshopper really can blow one’s mind, and I have a hard time trying to describe them!

I don’t want to sound like too much of a dreamer here, but I also imagine that a system like this could possibly benefit a large amount from a technology like opencl and hardware like graphics cards, due to the large requirements of quickly recomputing nodes after you change an early one, such as the size of the base of your building. So perhaps keeping that in mind from the beginning might also aid it’s introduction into such a project at a later date, or even from the start
Maybe even merging with the opencl support for the compositor might be a good idea if that would save some time and duplication! (not sure how feasible that would be though, as it has probably been designed for that specific application).

node/modular/parametric control like grasshopper would be fantastic. (but the stairs example is not great, grasshopper is so much bigger)

I believe Phonybone is working on something that could achieve this.
Everything else is going nodal in blender too. Nodes are brilliant and Grasshopper is a very nice example of implementation of a nodal modelling system.
It is for Nurbs though. But if the nodes were instances of tool operators it could work the same for mesh editing.
One could hope the Nurbs gets more powerfull in the future as to allow for rhino <-> blender workflow. (would be very nice, but a bit out in the future in respect to the Nurbs implementation right now).
Houdini can do it with mesh editing.
Anyway, Check out phonybones blog:
He seems to be the Guru for node questions at the moment.

I dont know for sure, but it seems the direction is for nodefiing as much of blender as possible right now :slight_smile:

Would love something like this!

In practise it is the idea behind Houdini; AFAIK, in that program you can do nearly everything with node networks. Too good to be true, now I am going to wake up as this must be a dream.

When I read ‘Grasshopper Style’ I thought of this: Got any links for the real grasshopper style?

It sould be probably integrated dirrectly with the upcoming BaseMesh. It is also more flexible as a system(or so I have heard…)

Official Tut Gallery:
Advanced example:

It is used a lot for generating parametric models (i example desing or architecture). They can then be constructec with cnc machines.

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Ah thanks Mats, something to look into!