Haven’t done much scene rendering with Blender lately soooo…

Cycles render 290 passes @ roughly 2hrs. Around 400,000 blades of grass, 4 rocks and two tree trunks :slight_smile:

I think the grass is too saturated, and it doesn’t have enough variation in the color. You might want to give the grass children particles so there’s more grass, but it’s easier on the memory. Did you model the stands, or are you just using the particle system strands?

I completely forgot about adding in color variation with a noise texture, I’ll keep that in mind. If I had it my way I would’ve added in a lot more grass, but Blender kept running out of memory, this was basically the maximum amount I could achieve on my system. There are 1000 line segment hair particles with 400 children each. I only have 3GB of memory on my laptop. Thanks for your comments.

Really I wanted to add in some dandelions and stuff too, but there was no way my system would handle it. I made another version of this as a banner for my web-site. All I added was my site title and I had to restart Blender every time I did a test render, it would crash every second render.

That’s why I suggested using particle children, it hogs less memory than just using more particles.:slight_smile:

I did use child particles. 1000 particles plus 400 children. Adding any more child particles crashed Blender when rendering. 1000 * 400 = 400,000 total blades of grass. So in total there are 1000 particles and 399,000 child particles.

I also used adaptive rendering so segments to each particle would only be added where necessary.

P.S. Oops I guess that’s probably 1000 particles plus 400,000 child particles for a total of 401,000 blades of grass. :slight_smile:

Ah, I can see your situation now. Unfortunately there’s not much you can do about that.:confused:

Yeah it certainly becomes a limiting factor here and there, but really doesn’t bother me. I actually used to do my blending on a system with 256MB of RAM so I’m quite happy to have 3GB now :). Boy if you thought 401,000 blades of grass was sparse… Haha

Anyway thanks again for reminding me about adding color variation to the grass. I’ll try to keep that in mind next time I whip up an outdoorsey scene.

P.S. An old work buddy of mine had a beat up laptop that he let me use, a Compaq if I recall. The power cord had been chewed up by a dog so I had to jerry rig it back together with electrical tape and install Ubuntu on it.

Just make sure to use a fair bit of distortion to make it look more natural.:slight_smile:

Nice render. Makes me feel like even more of a noob XD.

Everyone’s gotta start somewhere :slight_smile: