grassy medow without grass essitial pack

hey guys, I saw andrew price tutorial ( witch was awsome ) But i wanted to try doing it without using his allready created stuff. so i only used the hair particles on this one. and the veets is modeled by me…

I dident use any textures on the grass either.

this is a wip, but i like the progress cheers[ATTACH=CONFIG]379699[/ATTACH]

added som flowers. will tweak the grass alittle more thou

From what I’ve looking now It finished about 2/3 of overall progress. It need textures for the grass, for the floor parts, need to create more different pattern of the grass, need some small flowers, displacements, DOF and of course, Post-pro. It is just my opinion, but now its not bad for unfinished work;)

hey thx :slight_smile: well perhaps i need that :slight_smile: will look into it , i actully do have discplament on the ground and have the voroni texture on the grass to keep it at diffent lvls , but will tweak it :slight_smile:

thx mate

here is a little tweak update, added the stone , also added som grass between the grass , to give it a more thick feeling…

will add dof and stuff like that later. also messed around with the color and translusensy of the grass


The grass looks really nice, the only thing I would do to add to the scene would be create a tree and/or some bushes to just break up the monotony of the piece.

I think the same and I think there is no need Vignette effect. Need to add Color correction node to the grass material, because the grass is not so green in real life, but also contrasted green. Smallest stones would be great and will break flatten render. Need some volumetrics, mists around the ground field. White-yelowish color of the sun would be great too.

The grass feels very furry. Can I see the models your using and the node setups for the materials? They might reveal something that will help.

PeteMc, hey , ye i added one more little stone and one short three and a bush.

The muslim , hey i just corrected some colors and also looked at the sun for more yellow ish tone,.

Tardis, i use a normal hair particle and use a -1 value in the shape,

for the texture I use a color ramp with , diffuse ,glossy , translutsent ,and using the hair info node with intercept.

I think this is close to done now, what do u guys think of the newest model , im thinking in posting it to finished work now…

OH , i also have implemented DOF, i use and empty and put it in the middle of the first bush , and using a 1cm radius for the blurinees.

but im very new to DOF i will admit. :slight_smile: