Graswald - Moss Study


(Julius Harling) #1

I created this scene with a photo I shot in Mallorca in my mind, all these beautiful moss patches and grasses hanging from the rocks. I build this scene to test the moss assets, and the results speak for themselves I guess. Besides the rocks from 3dhdscan and the log from Megascans, the assets are 100% Graswald. It is really cool, how you can create new images everytime you shift the focus from one area to another in the same scene.

Graswald is a professional high-quality asset pack containing different species of weeds, grass, and moss as well as various kinds of debris integrated into Blender. To find out more about it, please visit:

(Julius Harling) #2

(Sasalami) #3

I think that the design of scenes of nature is difficult but here you have managed everything.
But I have to notice that the last picture is a bit blurry.
How long did it take you?

(Julius Harling) #4

(BigBlend) #5

Wow. This is really nice. Awesome.

(wilBr) #6

perfect… how are you lighting this?

(Flavio Della Tommasa) #7

Impressive !

(Julius Harling) #8

One single hdri, that’s all! Really cool what you can achieve with the stuff from