Graswald - News and Work in Progress

I completely agree with this
the guys at Scatter5 invented the biome system for blender, Graswald + Scatter5 could be a killer duo

these kind of features sounds also pretty intresting.

But it would be still awesome if we get Grasswald for Scatter 5 and BProdution assets (like Grassblade) also for G-Scatter. I just want to decide which Scatter is the best for a specific task.

There was a point in time these that graswald and scatter worked together…wonder what happened i used to like that colab

As one of the G Scatter devs I can only talk about that, but don’t expect any drama. Scatter5 is great. Graswald just has their own vision for a scattering tool. So Dorian builds his house and we are building ours. More tools for you to choose or mix and match.

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BTW: If you want to help shape G Scatter development you are welcome to join our discord server:

Hi Arle

With the arrival of Geometry-Node we both needed to redo everything from scratch, therefore the collab was paused, that’s all :slight_smile:

However, the recent name change from “Graswald 1.3.7” to “GScatter” left me wondering if they are still interested. :thinking: If Julius wants to have biome packs available for the biome system we innovated years ago, it’s totally possible, they just need to contact me on the Scatter5 thread.


so beautiful to see this harmony on the scatter products, after all this cat fighting on the cycles render engines products :heart_eyes:

Would love to see a cooperation between G-Scatter and Scatter 5.


[G Scatter Dev Update]

Hey guys,
to give you an idea how the upcoming effect manager works and what it might be used for I took Antoine Bagattini’s ivy generator node tree, that he kindly distributes for free here and made it a geometry effect. All credit for the node tree goes to Antoine and I am just using it here for demonstration purposes. It will not be included in G Scatter.

What I had to do to make this work was:

  • Load the file containing the node tree
  • Make the node tree a new node group
  • Fill out the effect form (name, author, effect category, icon to be used etc.)
  • Hit “Save Selected Node as Effect”
  • Done¹

Now the ivy can be scattered like any other geometry with the added benefit that it will dynamically react to the scene (grow upwards on the columns in this case) and of course it can be combined with other effects like any static geometry would.

1 I also changed the “Target geometry” node from “Collection Info” to “Object Info” but that was just a choice and not necessary.


[G Scatter Dev Update]

Hey guys,
just created this animated noise effect with the node editor and effect manager. After that just add it to the rotation channel of your scatter system. No programming required.

Of course you can add it where you want :wink:

BTW: Did I mention that you will be able to upload/download new effects to/from our servers directly in Blender (probably not with the first release of the effect manager though) ?


These videos seems only to work in Chrome but not on FF and Safari.

They seem to be mp4’s, and FF doesn’t like those.
It’s a long standing issue with FF due to licensing and such.

I will gladly transcode and reupload them, if that helps. Would only take a few seconds per video. But which codec works for all browsers?
Also: I am all for more browser diversity but what is the market share of chromium based browsers ? - 80%-90% ?

As a professional frontend developer I can confirm that Chromiun based browsers have a high market share, but FF and Safari are still relevant. EspeciallySafari on mobile, after Apple allows only their WebKit render engine on iOS and iPad OS.

I’ve not so much expierence with web videos, but I think MPEG-4/H.264 should work in all Browsers:

Sadly, Safari on iOS does only support webm audio but not video since iOS15 (WTF Apple?):
Otherwise I would have recommended webm. Hopefully we get webm video with iOS15. But on macOS webm video seems to be supported…

The videos I uploaded are H.264 unless BlenderArtists does something to them afterwards.

Okay, thats really crazy. FF really seems not support h.264, even if caniuse say something different. But FF added h.264 in the past. I guess they removed it because of license issues.

There seems currently no video format which is supported by all browsers.
Normally you have in the video tag different formats, but I guess this is currently not possible on blenderartist.

My recommendation is, upload videos on youtube to ensure everyone can watch them.

Hello guys.Im working with Gscatter 0.4.3 in Blender 3.0 .Although it is fantastic,I cant make it work with weight mask,or Its me that doing something wrong.I found some videos on youtube but the version is different and the GScatters Panel is different!Any help would be apreciated!

Hi George, the tutorials are probably just outdated by now. Add a new weight map in the effect layers panel. That should do the trick. Also, join us on our discord server:

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Hey guys
Opening the GScatter 0.4.3 asset manager is broken on Blender 3.1. We are working on it and a fix will be out in the coming days.



I am using blender 3.01 and graswald 1.3.13 is not showing up in the n-panel. Anyone else having this trouble?

The website says that it should fix the issue but still got the error