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Just realized: You don’t need graswald installed to render a scene made by graswald. Everything is packed into the blends so you don’t need access to the source blends either. Unless you want to link materials and such so the files are smaller, in which case this will be a lot of testing on my end. It’s on the to-do list, but a little lower. Trying to get large scale things done first.

Really waiting for this one. In archviz business small super detailed grass scenes are rarely needed. My dual rtx 2080 ti pc is really hating me for abusing Graswald for large archviz scenes… :slight_smile:

Thanks @KareemAlgalaly
That’s basically our current workaround, so I get lowering the priority. I wrote a script to copy all required images to a user-specified location, unpacking as needed. It works, but it’s prone to user error if the step is forgotten and drive clutter if different artists are processing the packed files.
The last time I checked, the packed images made up the vast majority of the addon size…don’t recall exactly but it was something like 800 or 900 megs of the 930MB total.

Glad you’re lowering the priority and not removing the request altogether!

Thanks again

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i’m getting an error similar to this

Try closing and re-opening blender? That issue should be fixed in the official 2.8 release