Graswald RELEASE

Not really proxies but: Instancing in blender via dupligroups or now in b28 instanced collections/objects. When using this technic (using empties and set up the instancing collection/object) the viewport seems not ot slow down after duplication of even very poly heavy objects.
@Yukon Does the blender particles system already work that way intenally or is it possible to gain performance by the use of the described workflow above? Particle system need to emmit empties which are set up like dscribed above. Atm this setup didnt work, if setup this empty as emmited object type in party panel, the instancing of the empty itself get ignored…

I’m full in my finals (but done in a few weeks), after that I will definitely go and check all the different workflows out! If that’s not fast enough, I’m very open for anyone else to do some tests and share the results!

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Wait, there’s wind? I wanna see it!

It’s uniform by default. I may add texture support as I’m rebuilding for 2.8


Yes please ! A scatter map of different variety could make everything ultra realistic :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Grimm, I’m fairly certain that I am no longer so concerned with Octane in Blender 2.8, and thus Octane being able to render Graswald, et al… E-Cycles has pretty much won me over, and although it kinda saddens me to say it, I think Octane is just merely going to be a tool in my toolbox, as I suggested might be the case on that one Octane Blender thread. If I ever use Octane in Blender, it will either because I need to do something that Cycles/E-Cycles can’t do (is there even anything?), or some other unforeseen reason. Hell, just an hour ago I was setting keyframes for materials and scrubbing timeline to see effect in EEVEE mode… and it occurred to me that crap with Octane materials would not be able to do that (unless I am wrong - please correct me anyone if this is the case)… So yeah, I guess I am officially an E-Cycles man now…

Yes please! While you’re at it make it possible to scatter at a defined distance from other objects or splines or along splines or along borderedges of a surface or on the contrary only starting from a defined distance to the border, scatter in a grid, or randomly, define spacing, …

Well…just make it a forestpack for Blender please :sweat_smile:

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Hi Frank, you can do that with Octane materials, I’m not sure how extensive it is but I got it to work with this simple scene.

animate-textures-octane.blend (477.1 KB)

That is one of the neat things about Blender is that you can add a keyframe for just about anything. :smiley:

Oh, okay… Regardless, they are going to need to win me back at this point, is all I’m saying.

Edit: I was specifically referring to being able to see the effects of material keyframes in EEVEE mode whilst scrubbing timeline… does your Octane mat setup allow for that? Can’t be possible, can it?..

Anyone got this working with EEVEE?

Yes, in fact you can do the same with Cycles. :smiley:

Hi, just wondering when Graswald is going to be stable with 2.80. It has been a few weeks since api freeze, but it seems Graswald is still very unreliable with 2.80. It would be a huge time saver for me (I’m doing archviz professionally), but currently the addon realiability is like a random generator.

At the moment I’m having trouble with density weights not working like they should. I have a gradient from 1 to 0 when moving away from the camera, but it seems like Graswald is ignoring the weights and also not using full density even if the weight is 1. But there are many other problems also, too many.

EDIT: Might as well report this bug: when deleting a system, I get the error message show in attached image.


So graswald is currently being rebuilt from the ground up—there were some bugs/annoyances regarding filesize, materials being dropped, etc, that required a fundamental change in the way graswald works internally. That coupled with other changes required by 2.8 led to this decision. The current Graswald 2.8 beta (the one you have access to) has been effectively scrapped, and actually hasn’t been updated for a few months now, that was originally due to the constantly changing api and school, but now is for a different reason.

So where are we now? Over the past month I’ve completely rebuilt the way graswald manages itself, the dependencies within it, and quite a lot of other core things. At this point it is functional, but doesn’t cover all the features the 2.79 one currently has. But it is getting there. I hope to push a serious beta in about two weeks. The update will break forward compatibility with files from 2.79 and even the current 2.8, (blender already breaks backwards compatibility so what graswald does in that direction doesn’t matter). I hope to later build a converter/mode to fix this, but that will take time. We also have a package creator tool on the to-do list, and a few other things, but we are making progress.

I’ll start posting more regular updates on the graswald thread (Graswald), and will notify people here when the beta becomes available.


very nice to hear, that you actively working on it!
I’m very excited to work with the fresh, more reliable version. Many thanks!