Graswald RELEASE


(Julius Harling) #81

Fixed it :wink:

(victorvdr9) #82

Hi all! I have a little issue. The rendered image it’s a little bit different in terms of density than the viewport. The display option is set to 100%. Is there anyway to fix it?


(aghandwork) #83

Is your lens angle in mm is the same in view (N panel - view) port and in camera settings that rendered?

(victorvdr9) #84

Hi! Thanks for your reply. No it wasn’t. I tried setting both to 50mm but no changes.

(Kareem Ahmad) #85

I’m pretty sure I know what the problem is, though I don’t know why it keeps coming back. Basically some of the individual assets have their ‘show in render’ turned off.

I have an idea for a solution that should fix that once and for all.

For now, you can find the models in the outliner and make sure the camera is shaded in. You may need to open a group to find them.

(Julius Harling) #86

Sorry for the inconvenience, really looking good, though! Be sure to post a link here when you’re done :wink:

(victorvdr9) #87

Thank you so much for your reply. I’ll try this! And thank you for your hardworking fixing issues :smiley:

(victorvdr9) #88

I’ll do! Thank you so much for your support!

(victorvdr9) #89

I share with you guys final compositions

Thanks to Graswald!

(Kareem Ahmad) #90

That’s beautiful! Great work. I especially love the second render.

(Julius Harling) #91

It amazes me how super fast it was uploaded! Go and check out my talk on the Blender Conference 2018 “How to sell Weed(s) - the Story of Graswald” now on Youtube! I talk about the creation process of my assets and the obstacles that come with growing a blender business…

Don’t ask me why I look so high on the thumbnail, I guess the guys from the Blender Conference have a very nice sense of humor :yum:

(burnin) #92

hehehe… you did look pretty stoned, but you caught the flow & did well.

“where’s grass, there are stones”

keep it up :wink:

(zcaalock) #93

why your video is hidden? cannot see it on the list. Only direct link works

(Kareem Ahmad) #94

For some reason, the blender foundation has all the bcon18 videos unlisted. You can only get to them through direct links or the bcon18 playlist.

(Dimitris Chloupis) #95

According to Blender Today livestream the videos were accidentally published even though they were not ready , because they need further editing, so they were taken down to be edited and be uploaded again in their final polished format. So they will be uploaded again, be patient.

(Julius Harling) #96

Huge THANK YOU to all of the new members of our big # Graswald -Family who made it possible that we can finally take back the first place! :blush:

To celebrate this, I’ll be giving away 5 copies of Graswald for just 35$!!! Just follow this link: …

(vianarch) #97

Hi @Yukon, I got an email with a link to version 1.14, but after installation it read as version 1.13.
Could you sent me a link to version 1.14?
My email is [email protected]
I bought it at gumroad, so I don’t have access to blendermarket.

Thank you


(Jakroval) #98

It be nice to have that Discount at Blender Market. When will you have it support Blender 2.8 ?

(Kareem Ahmad) #99

Ok so I’ve said before I’ll start working on porting it one the beta comes out. That’s happened, so I’ll be getting started by end of next week. (I’ve got finals next week, can’t start earlier)

I’m not sure how long it will take. I could do a basic port—just make the main stuff compatible—or I could do something more wholistic, to really integrate it with 2.8: Specialized tools, properties we couldn’t do before, perhaps even get the Eevee shaders up and running, and probably do some optimizations while we’re at it.

I’m leaning towards the second, and that will take a while.
But perhaps, once I get started, I’ll make the 2.8 version a beta—so I’ll push updates more frequently, if you want to test it as it develops, but again the full main 2.8 release will take a while.

(captainkirk) #100

Would it be possible to create a dedicated workspace or application template for it rather than a simple panel on the side? Something where you can have more controls almost like it’s a grass mode.