Graswald RELEASE

(Tomáš Luža) #142

Did you do all this during UNI? Wow good job not wasting time like other students (or me at that time lol)!


(Julius Harling) #143

Nah, I’m not in university yet, I first have to graduate from German Gymnasium (similar to High School).


(Tomáš Luža) #144

Oh, well not sure what to say. Good thinking man and keep it up because that mindset in this age is rare. :slight_smile:

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Oh. Okay. But, presumably, if one wanted to, they could make copies of Graswald assets and convert those copies to Octane materials, right?

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(Kareem Ahmad) #146

I’m in uni, but get most work done over breaks or weekends.


(Kareem Ahmad) #147

Yes, or you can just edit the materials to work with octane in the project file.

Technically you could also edit the packages to add octane materials, though that’s a lot of work, and you’d have to do it again each update.



Hmmm… now I have more questions…

[1] Is Graswald still broken in 2.8? If so, how soon do you anticipate this will be fixed? (I am strictly working in 2.8 as I try to master Blender and migrate from *********, and really don’t want to touch 2.79b, which would screw with my Blender mojo…)

[2] Setting aside Octane material stuff for now, if I were to add my own (PrBSDF) assets to Graswald, are you saying I would need to do a bunch of work to those each time Graswald is updated?

[3] Lastly Kareem, is Graswald a joint venture between you and Julius?


(Kareem Ahmad) #150

[1] I fixed the 2.8 issues, gonna have Julius upload when he has a chance. Tested most cases.

[2] Not exactly. Actually so long as the Octane stuff uses nodes, it should work fine. Basically:
You would have to create a graswald package for your assets. I have a tutorial (, but hope to release a package_creator addon as part of graswald when its done being developed.
When you’ve made the package, you will want to keep an uninstalled copy. When you update graswald, reinstall the package.

[3] Yes. Julius started it a few years back, and somewhere down the line needed a coder, so I hopped on board. :slight_smile:

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Hey, thanks a bunch Kareem!


(Julius Harling) #152

The new Blender 2.80 fix is up! Enjoy :wink:



I’m torn. I really am. I’m a huge Octane user, but at the same time desperately want to be able to use Graswald (and The Grove) for my environment and landscaping needs… But if it would be tons of work (or impossible - because Octane uses its own shader nodes and modified version of Blender) to make Graswald and Octane play nice together, this might very well be a deal-breaker. I would highly encourage you guys to look into seeing if you could somehow have an Octane version of your library. I would think this would be worth your efforts. I might still get it for things that I could render in Cycles. We’ll see…


(Grimm) #154

+1 I bought the asset set and it works well, you just have to build the texture for Octane. I was interested in upgrading to the full version for the particle scatter tools. I was also thinking you could bake the textures to make it easier to convert them over. Either way it’s a lot of work to get the assets to work with Octane.


(Julius Harling) #155

What do you mean with bake the textures? Is there a special way how Octane deals with this stuff?

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(Grimm) #156

Of course you can’t use Cycles materials with Octane, you have to rebuild them. It’s not a problem usually, and I don’t have the Graswald plugin (I just purchased the assests), but if the cycles materials use procedural nodes it gets much more difficult to move them over to Octane. One method that I have some luck with is to generate the textures with Cycles, like blending the old and new grass for instance, then I bake the textures and then use the baked images for the Octane materials. That make sense? If there is a better way I would be very interested in it for sure. :slight_smile:

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(Julius Harling) #157

Ah ok got it! Well no Graswald texture is generated procedually, but the way they are mixed differs. We use vertex colors, the random input node and some relatively normal blending for it. Is this possible with octane as well?



Octane just (like weeks ago) got Attributes (vertex and weights) in Octane 2018.1… Does this help our case for getting Graswald for Octane Blender?

Hey Julius, maybe you and Kareem could bring in a 3rd (limited) partner that is an Octane-Blender-Shader-Jedi-Master who could help bring Graswald to the Octane Blender masses (faster than us waiting for you two to finish school and/or you guys get Octane licenses etc :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)?.. Edit: Okay, masses may be a stretch, but there are certainly plenty of us…


(Grimm) #159

Hi, sorry this has taken me so long to respond to, I had to take care of some family issues. Yes, Octane has both mix nodes and a random color node, I will check for a random input node.

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(Grimm) #160

Hi Yukon, I have more information on Octane nodes for doing this, the random color node doesn’t just work with solid colors, you can also use it as a texture node and hook in as many other texture nodes as you like. Would that work?


(Julius Harling) #161

That does indeed soud very interesting. How does mixing different things (colors, maps, etc) work in Octane?

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(Grimm) #162

Sorry again, I missed this post some how. :frowning: There is a material mix node that you can hook up as many materials as you like and control the mix with either a percentage or another greyscale texture. There is also a mix texture node that works the same as the mix material node.

So a texture could be a base color or an image texture. A material is one of the several material types that Octane has, ie: Diffuse, Specular, Gloss, Universal, Metal, Toon, etc. Materials can have many textures as inputs.

There are a limited number of procedural texture nodes as well, Checks, Noise, Marble, etc.

Here is a link to the Octane documentation on texture nodes:

And one on materials: