(Julius Harling) #221

About the droplets: I haven’t tested this yet, but IIRC, blenders particle systems don’t allow having instances with another particle system on them. What you could do though (And what I suggest you should do anyway) is first create your system for the background, and then import the models (there is an extra checkbox for that in the add-on) and place them by hand in the foreground. That way, you can add another particle system on it as well as doing other tweaks (e.g. higher material quality and subsurf for the foreground, lower material quality and decimate for the background).

(CentralProcess) #222

Ah, makes perfect sense for a static render, of course! I was thinking ahead to animation, too. The glisten across scattered droplets upon many leaves, something I’ve lazily attempted in the past and failed at miserably. I’ll be looking to figure out some way to pull that off when I get my hands on this awesome addon.

(math) #223

Hi there. Is this add-on already available for purchase? Because i read in an earlier post that it is finished. I‘m really excited to test it, looks just awesome!! Greets

(Kareem Ahmad) #224

Not quite yet, the add-on is being tested in a small circle to work out any bugs that still remain. We’ll soon announce a release date.

(Julius Harling) #225

Another insight on how the add-on works: You can add levels of subdivision for each particle system visible in the viewport and/or only render, or decimate them, just by tweaking the sliders in the Graswald menu:

(FXR) #226

really nice option for workflow. keep it up …

(rombout) #227

Why not update your first post, that prevents users to go on a hunt for a link??? ive been looking for 20 minutes of post now and still haven t seen any link yet?

(rombout) #228

DUde you just posted 2 messed up messages. Did you read between the line, did you even understand what he said. Probably not! GO try what he explained about switching between units and see who’s right.

Where is your backup anyways to prove him wrong?

(Julius Harling) #229

Since this has been requested several times here, this is a list with things that still need to be done, before Graswald v1.0 can be released:

  • Minor Bugfixes
  • UI improvements (mainly adding a dummy species, so one doesn’t have to start with the same species again)
  • Creating a promotional trailer/teaser
  • Finishing the blendermarket page with testemonials and renders of our testers

As you can see, we are almost there! Creating the teaser will be the most time consuming, although I’m not planning on something too big. I currently have a lot of things going on due to school so I have no free time until the 18th. Expect updates after that.

(burnin) #230

sometimes it is just so…

(Tib) #231

Hi Yukon,
Congrats for you massive work. That’s really really impressive !!!
Can i ask you if you have a released date in view ? best regards

(Julius Harling) #232

It’s been a while, we have been working extensively behind the scenes, and are very close to the final release, only documentation is left. But I also created a little timelapse video, showing how the add-on works and how to use it in blender:

Go and share it! :yum: :blush:

(RemTou) #233

It all look fantastic, I can’t wait for the release!!

(Tib) #234

Congratulations !! That’s handsome. You make me dream. Take the cash. for sure i want it :slight_smile:

(Julius Harling) #235

We finally managed to get everything done, so that means: Graswald will be released on the 16th of June 2018!

Make sure to keep up as we unravel more and more features in detail until the release date :wink:

(Tib) #236

16th june it is noted on my agenda. I will be one of your first clients. I keep an eye :slight_smile: that’s such a great news so happy !!

(Julius Harling) #237

Roughly a week left until the release, so there will be a daily update about graswald for you guys to get you in the mood :wink:

Plants grow in many different ways, depending on the amount of rain they get, the amount of sunlight, the temperature, their age, and other species that grow in the same place (plants AND animals). That way, you might find the same species of grass growing as a big tuft or mowed down in your lawn, looking completely different. Most asset packs though focus on species only, and therefore can’t illustrate the full variety of vegetation.

To solve this, Graswald assets are organized by species, but for each species, you can use different particle systems, displaying different variants of the same species.

For example, if you want to add Ribwort Plantains to your scene, you can either add big plantains like you’d find in a meadow or the smaller variant that might grow in your lawn. You can also support them with the fitting plantain flowers, or some dead plantains, that are decaying below.

(Julius Harling) #238

If you want to jump on the endless Physically Based Rendering train, you’re good to go! All Graswald materials are using the brand new Principled BSDF shader, allowing a flexible workflow with physically correct shading where you need it. This ensures that the assets will always look great in every lighting condition!

Artistic control is still important though, so if you want to have less intense reflections for whatever reasons, do not despair. Graswald’s interface allows you to change all important settings, so you’ll get full control of your Roughness, Specular, Bump and Translucency.

(ChameleonScales) #239

I have a question : how will the assets be licensed?

(Julius Harling) #240

After almost two years of work, Graswald is finally released to the public! Go and get it now on the to get 10$ off during the early bird discount!

Oh, and if you just want more information about the whole pack (for example how the assets are licensed), visit the link as well to enjoy an awesome product page :wink: