(Kareem Ahmad) #261

How to create and install your own Graswald assets.
You asked for a tutorial, and it is finally here.

(FXR) #262

Purchased it and already used it!

Great ease of use!!

But,… I tried changeing the color of the grass to make it more sere and burnt colored, like praie grass. However, it didn’t change color.

Other than that, its solid, man

Thanks for the labor

(harmoniser) #263

I think Graswald looks good and promising. Still my main consideration is the rendering time optimization, for us who want to use this for animations. When I saw Zacharias Reinhardts (is that you, Yukon?) youtube video about how to create realistic nature with Graswald, the rendering time was 5 hours for a 4k image using a 1080Ti. Which seems pretty long. I see that the models are more detailed than in Grass Essentials, which is fine, but that comes at a cost. Now, making a blade of grass look realistic in a closeup is nice, but more often, and more important to people like myself, is being able to handle large areas of grass and foliage efficiently, optimizing memory usage and rendering time.

I briefly saw that there are three different quality options to choose between, but I am still wondering how much this addon is developed for animation, where every unnecessary vertex in a particle system needs to be eliminated.

I am not sure what smart solutions people have found out there for achieving some kind of LOD in Blender, but it would be nice to hear more from you guys how much thought and work you put into that part of it.

(Kareem Ahmad) #264

Nah, Yukon is Julius Harling.

As for animations, it is a reasonable concern, but for the time being, it is difficult for me to test. You see I have a 4-thread laptop, so any render takes forever. Or perhaps that makes me the perfect candidate… That said, I’ll set up some test scenes to get some relative benchmarks on the effects of the various optimizations.

There has been another suggestion for optimizing, at least on the memory side of things, not sure how it’ll affect render-times, but I am looking into that as well.

(Kareem Ahmad) #265

I’ll try it out, see what I can get…

(harmoniser) #266

One thing which would be nice, although I am not sure it is possible, is to have a weight paint option (apart from Amount and Length) which uses hi-res particle models where the weight is stronger and low-res where it is weaker. Or something like that.

(Kareem Ahmad) #267

Try messing with the dryness settings first, I think. The color options in advanced can be helpful too.

(FXR) #268

will give the dryness a shot. But changing the color scheme has no effect on rendering either in work window or fuill renders

(mkbreuer) #269

Hut ab! Amazing setup!

(Kareem Ahmad) #270

Someone asked about the optimizations in graswald, and there are two main areas of this:
Mesh resolution
Material Detail

Material Detail offers the most significant improvements in rendertimes: Switching from High to Medium can cut rendertimes for the graswald components of a render in half. The difference between medium and low is smaller, but still significant. In my tests it shaved 12 seconds off of a 1:05 render ~ 20%. These switches also dramatically cut memory consumption, but more by a third and a ninth correspondingly.

Mesh Resolution can go both ways, for some plants it increases rendertime, and for others it provides savings of ~ 13% (when set to 0.1). Regardless, it always cuts memory consumption.
I don’t recommend ever going below 0.1 on mesh resolution.

I’m going to keep doing tests, and looking for other ways to optimize, but this should be helpful for now.

(Kareem Ahmad) #271

Oh I like that. The only issue is that managing weights like that through code is messy, and in an animation, the particles would jump around as they are regenerated. But it got me thinking about distance from camera, and I put together this sort of hybrid material (High and Medium mixed with a threshold distance from camera: anything closer than ____ gets high, else medium). It seems that the overhead of mixing might undo the benefits, but I need to test more.

(OriginalNewbee) #272

Hi there!

I agree that LOD is important, even dynamic lod. The approaches I have seen so far in blender and addons are week, designwize. I can’t help but wonder why this is not a givan aspect af the object itself. But that would demand proper SW design, superior to the current status…

I have made a simple POC - addon that selects LOD depending on distance to active camera for a single object, works in cycles. But htis is an ugly fix that may delay the right approach so I decided not to release.

I whould like to see more clarity in the GW UI regarding LOD…

I may be able to assist attempt to improve workability with large scenes.
( Senior SW engineer + good GPU )

(Thijs Linssen) #273

Hi guys,

not sure if it was metioned already but i’ve got some bugs:

  • If I have some graswald particles systems in my scene and I add one more, sometimes the particles turn out white.
    When i change the quality it usaly resets but still anoying
  • Also if I paint for density and then change species or type. Sometimes I need to reclick density map.

am I missing some refresh button?

(Kareem Ahmad) #274

I’ll take a look at both of these issues, see if I can replicate the error. If there is a particular sequence of actions that causes it, could you share?

(Kareem Ahmad) #275

Could you elaborate? I’m not sure I understand.

(Thijs Linssen) #276

Will try over the weekend if there is a certain order of actions to replicate the error. Probably has something to do that there is to much going on in my scene.

(varkenvarken) #277

I do own Grass Essentials as well as Graswald and created a small comparison:

I am not much of an artist but I think the image speaks for its own (Graswald on the left). Some more details on how the image was created and which limitations I encountered in this article.

Now this doesn’t mean that Grass Essentials is bad, just that I think that Graswald is better value for money, even though both are priced at a comparable level.

(Kareem Ahmad) #278

Hey everybody, I’ve been trying to refine some of the ui (not massive changes, but yeah).

One of the elements that I think has been a bit confusing is the “link material” setting:
image {default ui mode}
image {clean ui mode} <- the text doesn’t change.

Basically this setting defines whether or not the material for this species should be linked to that of every other instance of this species with the same material detail level (High, Medium, Low). I’m trying to figure out a simple way to word this.

Linked / Unlinked Mat?
Shared / Unique Mat?

I think at the very least the clean ui should switch text between the first and second option to reflect the current value.

Any ideas?

Also, I know the confusing-ness of this would be less if there is detailed written documentation, and I am working on that. The next version (1.13) will ship with documentation and quite a bit of features.

Here’s a little taste:

It will also include release notes.

(Kareem Ahmad) #279

Also: while I am working on some updates, any annoyances you want me to fix in the new update?
Any features?

(Kareem Ahmad) #280

And now we’ve got subpanels for a cleaner ui! coming in v1.13



(And follow me @KareemAlgalaly if you want more regular updates, as I plan to update there more often)