(Julius Harling) #281

I’m back from Spain, had a lovely time. I’m thinking about doing a presentation on the 2018th Blender Conference. I was wondering, what are you guys in particular interested in? What do you want to learn more about? I’m open for anything regarding, for example, plant and environment creation or anything that has something to do with it and/or Graswald).

I’d love to hear some ideas!

(gopi.vfx) #282

@yukon & @KareemAlgalaly Is there any way to avoid collision between Geometry?


(Kareem Ahmad) #283

There is no automatic way as of yet. For extreme close-ups, typically the models are hand-placed (use the link to scene property). If the assets are a bit farther off, it is very difficult to see intersections.

If you don’t want to hand-place, you can play with seed. OR, and this is perhaps the best way: use a system with a density low enough that no plants intersect and the fill in the gaps with hand placed.

This is a result of blender’s particle system, and not something that can be easily changed, but I will look into options.

(stephen_leger) #284

With hair based particle system, you are able to start with a 0 particle count and go into Particle edit and add particle by hand.

You also may use “Interpolated” children (reduce your base particle count) and increase chids according, as children scattering is less random and likely to prevent self intersecting.

(burnin) #285

Glad to hear you had a great time :sunglasses:

Hm… Well… I’m still interested in possibility of a discount to get the version with Blender addon since i made a mistake and only bought assets (FBX). :man_facepalming:t4:

(Kareem Ahmad) #287

#Graswald v1.13 is out!

This version ships with documentation, optimizations that can save 20% on renders, demo files, plant orientation ctrl, ability to export entire scenes to FBX and more.

Full relase notes:
Or read the docs:

{ included demo scene }

(Dodododorian96) #288

Is there a way we can incorporate grass essential into graswald library with all the parameters?

(Kareem Ahmad) #289

You can do one of two things: manually create a package from the Grass Essentials files by following this tutorial:

Or you can try to get/pressure Andrew Price into releasing a graswald package version of his essentials.

(gille) #290

Hi, Purchased your addon. Works very good. Is there a way to have collision active when put the plants into a bowl or bottle for example. Thanks for your support.

(Kareem Ahmad) #291

Unfortunately Graswald does not currently support collisions (natively).

But if you want only a few plants, you can add them manually via link-to-scene. And place them as you wish. If you do that, you can add a cloth sim if you want animated collisions.

You could also do what Stephen_Leger suggested. I’ll try to make doing that a bit more intuitive in the next update.

A full simulation framework won’t make it in into Graswald for a bit—blender’s particle framework gives us plenty of hurdles so it will take a while.

(gille) #292

Ok, thanks for the quick feedback. I will try with a few plants and go from there.

(photoserge) #293

I have an issue when I try to install the add on see the screen shot I dont know what to do:

thanks for the help 1

(Kareem Ahmad) #294

Did you try restarting blender?

(kless) #295

Hi love the add-on so far one problem I’m running into hopefully someone can help is after I have multiple different objects all with there own graswald systems set ups even when they are hidden from view causes blender to come to a crawl and becomes slow and hard to use don’t know if I’m doing something wrong. Also seems to happen after deleting multiple graswald system.

(Kareem Ahmad) #296

So there is one thing: Graswald only wipes unused loaded species on save, so if the slow-down is because your system ram is filling up, just save and revert the .blend.

I’ve tried having Graswald do a memory every species load, or system delete, but it can lead to instability when trying to undo—the kind that causes blender to crash and exit, not just stall, so I decided save and revert was the safest.

The easiest way to check if this was the issue would be to either reopen that blendfile, or to open the demo blend, which has a ton of systems, so if it runs quickly in viewport, you know that next time just save and revert. If this is not the issue, try—when it gets real slow—disabling graswald, and let me know if that speeds everything back up. If that fixes it, then there are some optimizations I’ll need to make (but they require removing a few features, so there is a tradeoff there).

Lemme know,
— Kareem

(José Ramírez) #297


I love your product (Grasswalds) and I would love to buy it . I was wondering if I could still be using it if I wanted to migrate to LuxRender.

I expect that the only issue would be regarding to the materials but I’m not sure. I’m a Blender/cycles newbye and I unknow a lot of things.

Thanks in advance.

(Julius Harling) #298

Hello José
We currently do not support any other renderer than cycles, I’m very sorry. We are planning to change this, but I need to finish my final year of school, first… You can, however, just buy the models and create the materials yourself. Or buy the full version, and only change the materials, but profit from the rest of the superb add-on!

If you have any further questions, please let me know!
Kind regards

(José Ramírez) #299

Thanks for your answer.
I’m gonna buy it!.
I think it’s awesome. :grin::grin:

(kless) #300

I just noticed another thing that might actually have been the problem, when deleting a system through the add-ons menus under local it would cause slow downs and also wouldn’t actually delete the graswald system, once I went to global and deleted a system and also went though the particle tab and removed any systems that didn’t show up on global I was able to get full performance.

(Kareem Ahmad) #301

Interesting. I personally tend to work in global, so I may have missed such bugs.

I’ll definitely take a look.