(GarageFarm.NET) #302

For anyone interested in using Graswald and the benefits of it
here’s an example of it used in creating a scene:

there’s also a nice promo connected to the tutorial (check the video description on YT for details)
Jarek D (DJ)

(José Ramírez) #303

I bought Grasswalds a few days ago and I would like to know if I can use it with Corona renderer for Blender.
Best regards.

(KareemAlgalaly) #304

Graswald does not currently have any Corona materials. I believe in the long term Julius interds to expand the list of directly supported render engines, but there is no active effort in that regard right now

(José Ramírez) #305

Aha. My biggest concern is the exporting of the internal native particle system of Blender which is used by Grasswalds and if they are exported without problems by the Corona exporter.I can’t do right now any test and I was trying to know previously if anyone of you have some experience with it.
Best regards.

(Jahred) #306

Hello Yukon,

I just bought Graswald (Asset Library), good work.

But it seems the UV are broken for the “Perennial Rye Grass” (FBX format), could you please check ?

No probs with others grass species for now.

Thank you

(KareemAlgalaly) #307

When graswald exports FBX, particle systems are exported as linked meshes—or at least meshes with shared materials.

But I’ve never imported FBX into anything other than Blender, so my experience here is limited.

(C_Campbell) #308

YAWN!!! ANOTHER GRASSWALD ADVERTISEMENT. I don’t really think that this is the place for your advertisements. YAWN!!!