(GarageFarm.NET) #302

For anyone interested in using Graswald and the benefits of it
here’s an example of it used in creating a scene:

there’s also a nice promo connected to the tutorial (check the video description on YT for details)
Jarek D (DJ)

(José Ramírez) #303

I bought Grasswalds a few days ago and I would like to know if I can use it with Corona renderer for Blender.
Best regards.

(Kareem Ahmad) #304

Graswald does not currently have any Corona materials. I believe in the long term Julius interds to expand the list of directly supported render engines, but there is no active effort in that regard right now

(José Ramírez) #305

Aha. My biggest concern is the exporting of the internal native particle system of Blender which is used by Grasswalds and if they are exported without problems by the Corona exporter.I can’t do right now any test and I was trying to know previously if anyone of you have some experience with it.
Best regards.

(Jahred) #306

Hello Yukon,

I just bought Graswald (Asset Library), good work.

But it seems the UV are broken for the “Perennial Rye Grass” (FBX format), could you please check ?

No probs with others grass species for now.

Thank you

(Kareem Ahmad) #307

When graswald exports FBX, particle systems are exported as linked meshes—or at least meshes with shared materials.

But I’ve never imported FBX into anything other than Blender, so my experience here is limited.

(C_Campbell) #308

YAWN!!! ANOTHER GRASSWALD ADVERTISEMENT. I don’t really think that this is the place for your advertisements. YAWN!!!

(Julius Harling) #309

Announcement: I’ll be giving a presentation at the upcoming Blender Conference 2018 about my process of creating Graswald (4:30 PM at the theatre)!

Here are some renders I created to show some of my work:

Hope you like them :smiley:

@C_Campbell: I’m not entirely sure what you mean, but yes, this is exactly the place for it, as this is MY project thread about Graswald, so why shouldn’t I post about Graswald? :wink:

(Tib) #310

Impressive !
do you imagine expanding your asset library with new varieties/ species in the future ?
Good luck for your presentation.

(Julius Harling) #311

Working on improving Graswald even further thanks to the huge help of Wybren van Keulen from the Grove 3D! Get a glimpse at the higher viewport performance now:

(captainkirk) #312

It says video unavailable.

(Julius Harling) #313

Edited it :wink: Thanks!

(captainkirk) #314

This looks awesome! Is there a date yet for when this update will be released?

(Julius Harling) #315

Not yet, but probably at the end of this month/beginning of decembre.

(captainkirk) #316

Looking forward to it. Viewport performance has been my only issue with Graswald so far.

(José Ramírez) #317

I’m using your addon right now.
I miss a better tutorial of how create my own libraries of elements to repeat and distribute inside grasswald addon.
Thank you very much for your work. :slight_smile:

(Rhys) #318

Love Graswald. However wishing for performance for larger scenes or backgrounds… perhaps you guys can look into game engine style models/ 2d masked planes etc for this sort of usage :smile:
I’m not thinking viewport performance but render performance. ATM large scenes are near impossible as simply too many partcles

(zcaalock) #319

any idea when 2.8 version will come? I want to buy addon but i work only with blender 2.8 now

(burnin) #320

You then go and make your own custom made billboards…

Any plugin release before the official Blender 2.80 release is like asking for troubles.

(Ralph ) #321

Can anyone help me out. I use Blender 2.79 last version of Graswald. Every debris works fine, but moss is always very rare an small. I’ve set densitiy to 1000 but stones etc. very rarley covered by moss. Is there a fault in the last version or is the error in front of the compauter. :slight_smile: