(Kareem Ahmad) #322

Unlike most plants which are decently full at 100, moss does take a lot of particles. But it should be thick at 1000.


If this doesn’t match what you see, you may have not turned off the Child Density Optimization. For moss, this can make it look a little thinner, it’s in the emission subpanel of the growth panel


Here’s what 1000 density moss looks like with the optimization


And i guess the last thing you may want to check is that you’re display is set to 100%, otherwise you won’t see all the particles.

Hope this helps.

(Ralph ) #323

Wow, thank you for the quick response.
It works. I thought I’m the fault, because I’m a newbee

(zcaalock) #324


Any plugin release before the official Blender 2.80 release is like asking for troubles.

but it`s also more money faster

(burnin) #325

Sure, but if you’d know your history well you’d be aware - don’t over estimate the value of money :wink:

(Kareem Ahmad) #326

Yeah, I’m not going to start porting it over until at least beta release. It’d probably release after full 2.8 release. Dealing with a changing API, or debugging on a buggy platform isn’t worth the stress.

(Julius Harling) #327

To anyone who’s on a short budget (probably 99,9% of all blender users :stuck_out_tongue: ) :
Get 25% OFF Graswald on the blendermarket because of the wonderful blackfriday and cybermonday sales!

(calmadigital) #328

Thanks Julius,

I have used your discount and i am now a new user of your addon. :slight_smile:

Looking that 2.8 Blender version is coming… Recent buyers of your addon will have to pay again when you release the adapted version for Blender 2.8?

(Kareem Ahmad) #329

The update to 2.8 will be, like all other updates, free for current customers.

(raffyraffy) #330

Hi everybody,

sorry, but I’m new here and I do not know if it was already asked …
is it possible to sell, entire Blender scenes, including Graswald’s assets?



(LooKahs) #331

What’s the discount code to enter at checkout?

Nevermind, it’s Thursday now :smiley:

(Julius Harling) #332

Hey Luigi
Our license prohibits selling the models and or textures in any way, even when modified or put in a different context. So you cannot resell them as scenes.

Hope that clears things up!

(Julius Harling) #333

Trying out Eevee for the first time, can anyone help me out? I’ve gone through all the settings but compared to cycles, there’s a huge difference here… What am I missing?

Both lit with an hdri only, cycles is the better-looking one!:yum:

(stephen_leger) #334

Pretty simple, eevee can’t lit scene using hdri. You have to fake it using many lights.

(Julius Harling) #335

Thanks for all your advice, results will come soon. For now, I started exploring the new wind features and I have to say, they are pretty amazing. Here’s a little animation I threw together in 5 minutes. A lot of things could be optimized, but I like how it looks for now:

(captainkirk) #336

There are new wind features? Are these part of 2.8 or Graswald?

(Julius Harling) #337

They will be included in Graswald v1.15!

(captainkirk) #338

Awesome! Does it have an impact on performance?

(Kareem Ahmad) #339

Not really. And with the viewport optimizations, this next version will run much smoother even with the wind.

(Stephen Newport) #340

Great to hear! Just started using the add-on and am very impressed with it! Well done

I am only using Eevee as a live previewer, currently, since Cycles still seems to produce a more accurate render. But it would be nice to get them to match closer

(Rhys) #341

Is there any way we can avoid pesky single tuft of grass/particle at emitter origin?
I like to have scene objects origin at world 0,0,0 however this might mean a random grass pops out of nowehere at this origin.

Or is the only workaround to hide the origin of the object out of sight?

I mean, simple problem and workaround but it can cause a headache for those trying to work out what is causing these seemingly random particles to appear.
Hope it could be improved :slight_smile: