(Kareem Ahmad) #402

yes that would be awesome. You can pm it to me

(Kareem Ahmad) #403

I found one bug. They fixed an issue in the API that I had accommodated. Now just need to undo that accommodation.

EDIT : there’s a lot of changes… so scratch that.

For now I may need to drop backwards compatibility. This is tentative… but the api is changing.

(Julius Harling) #404

Uploaded it :wink:

(Kareem Ahmad) #405


If you care to know where the issue comes from: I wanted some way for graswald to be able to deal with systems on objects that have been duplicated. So that they can be treated independently if one wants. There was no clean way to do it, so I had objects track the systems on them by some—not great method. Your post still thinks it has graswald systems on it. So clicking it selects the system it thinks it carries. Selecting a system with autoselect emitter enabled selects the object emitting it, which wasn’t that pole. So thus the issue you had. If the system was already selected, it doesn’t do anything and that’s why you could probably select on the next attempt.

I’m not sure I can fix this without an update that will break backwards compatibility. So for now just turn off “autoselect emitter” if the issue comes up.

I’ll fix it in 2.8, and clean up some other messy implementations, since the compatibility will break anyway. I may, once the 2.8 version is done, make a retroactive final version of 2.79 that fixes these issues. This would be forward compatible, but not backwards compatible, for those that want to continue working with 2.79 but still have the option of migrating later. But for now, time to refactor.

(kless) #406

Ah works great now, thank you for the help and fast response.

(Nicholas Pritchard) #407

I’m using the latest version of blender 2.8 (1-13-19 release) and Graswald_28_01b and I’m getting this error when I attempt to activate the addon.

(dazza66) #408

Hi, I Can’t Activate the 28_01b, I couldn’t Activate 28_01a either, I keep getting error messages every time I try and activate, I am using the latest blender 2.80 of the 13th of January.
I don’t know if it’s me or Graswald is being a little Buggy still, though I have noticed other people have got it working so Umm, maybe it’s me, I would really appreciate your thoughts on the matter

(Kareem Ahmad) #409

Its buggy in the Jan 13 version. API continues to change. It’ll be a bit of time before I have a fix. Gonna do some refactoring.

(dazza66) #410

thank you for letting me know, I thought I was getting it wrong

(jachtarfranko) #411

If it is more easy for you, to break backwards compatibility is OK for me.

(sun yufang) #412

I use Graswald_28_01b and I’m getting this error when I attempt to activate the addon.

(Kareem Ahmad) #413

Yes, the 2.8 is broken right now because of a change in Blender’s behavior. A patch should come soon. I’ll announce when ready.

(Kareem Ahmad) #414

I believe I have fixed the 2.8 graswald. I’ll have Julius upload it as soon as he gets the chance.

(skarkkai) #415

I’m using Graswald on Windows 64bit, Blender 2.79b. The plants look great, but the add-on has bugs:

  1. Some operations in the Graswald tool shelf leak RAM such that my Blender grows from 2 to 16 GB in some 15 minutes.

  2. Changing material settings sometimes breaks: plants start rendering solid black, and the material settings for the detail level may disappear permanently from the UI. Saving and reverting doesn’t necessarily fix the situation.

  3. Some translations (UI strings) are broken or missing, and the manual uses incorrect translations, or doesn’t document the features at all.

Blenderartists’ search doesn’t appear to work, so I have no idea if these are known issues. Or if this is a proper way to report bugs.

(Kareem Ahmad) #416
  1. Could you specify which tools? There is no c code in Graswald, so any memory leaks can only be from Blender. I may find alternate solutions that don’t leak is that is the case.

Adding systems with many species, or switching through many a will load many textures—this may be the issue, Graswald clears unused data in different contexts, but saving and reverting should do maximum cleanup.

  1. Changing material settings as in color or translucency? Or as in High vs Medium vs Low. The first shouldn’t do anything because it doesn’t have access to Graswald data.

  2. I never made any translations… And whatever text I used for operators etc is exactly the text in the manual.

Basically if you could give me some steps to reproduce an error, a blend, error messages etc, that would greatly help. Also elaborating, and details are important.

Lemme know

(ajharmon89) #417

I purchased and downloaded Graswald today and it is working excellently on Blender 2.79, however when I try to download it on 2.8 I get this error.

I have the latest version of Blender 2.8 (I redownloaded it today), so I don’t believe that is the issue.

Any ideas of what the issue might be?


(Kareem Ahmad) #418

Graswald version 28_01b is known to be broken.
Version 28_01c should be working fine, but I’m not sure if Julius has had a chance to upload it yet.

(skarkkai) #419

Thanks for your thorough reply. My post was mostly to see if reporting bugs this way works, and I’m glad to see it does. So I’ll elaborate.

  1. I figured this out: undo history. I set an undo memory limit, which solved the problem. As to the magnitude of “leaking”, adding a system would use 200 MB of memory, and removing it would use another 200 MB, which added up fast when experimenting.

  2. I haven’t been able to repeatably produce this problem. However, if I select “Link to Scene” and then inspect the material of an object that draws as black, it looks as in the attached screenshot. If I change to eg. “low” material detail, the material looks fine. Is there some way I could debug this further? I can send you the .blend file if that would help.

  3. By “translation” I just meant the texts that show in the UI. The first problem I noticed was the apparently unevaluated reference as seen in the attached variant-desc.png. Then let’s look at the “Use shared mat” control as an example. Searching for “shared mat” finds nothing from the manual, because the text talks about “Unique vs Linked Material”, not about “shared” materials. The small “using linked mat” image seems outdated, as the control now says “link to scene”. The very first screenshot in the manual is from yet another version of the add-on, I assume. This kind of things make the manual difficult to use and understand.


(ajharmon89) #420

Thanks Kareem! Once Version 28_01c is available will it be posted here or should I look for it somewhere else?

(skarkkai) #421

I’m currently able to repeat problem 2 for a brand new Creeping bentgrass system on medium detail level by simply saving the file. That turns the material black. When I then move mouse pointer over the detail level selector, all the material controls below the basic/advanced control disappear.

The problem can be temporarily fixed by selecting low detail level, saving, and switching the detail level back to medium. If I then save, the problem is back.

The problem is not happening for the low detail level, but it has in the past.