Grav Battle

This is just a game I put together today
Grav Battle MP alpha
down load it and tell me what you think.
and feel free to tinker with stuff

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Mini Games Trials
Shard Collect

… Collect shard using Grav Cruisers
in a large SandBox

MES Cannon

… You man the MES Cannon as you
shot the hell out enemy cruisers


You didn’t pack the textures…

try it now.

I feel like the vehicles are a little over powered… or maybe there top speed is too high… basically, once I really get going in a direction, I can’t do much except bump into a wall to change direction.

I’m curious about your plans for this game, if any. What aspect of this test would you like us to crit?

Good job on the textures and controls menu!

An objective would be nice though.:stuck_out_tongue:

Actually I was hoping to get suggestions from you guys, may be put together a team for fun and/or future projects. And you can use it as a template if you want, make new levels or better Ships, what ever you feel is necessary.

The flames or trail or whatever could use a little work.

Right now the gameplay is like some sort of space bumpercars…

Adding a laser or something could be cool.:eyebrowlift:

thanks I’ll get on that right away

by the way does anyone know if there is any tutorials on how to grab objects in an fps. I made my own tutorial because I couldn’t find a tutorial for it

I don’t know any tuts, but it doesn’t seem like it would be all that complicated.

mediafire is blocked on my computer. can you upload it somewhere else?

It’s cool!! I think the flames actually look really nice almost all of the time.

I think we should see more projects like this. Where the “purpose” is to explore an idea or concept, learn, and have fun. These games bring the gameplay to the forefront, where it should be. Think about how many of the greatest games you can think of – the ones it seems that everyone has played and continue to play – are older games, with limited graphics, and (relativeley) small enviornments, but everyone loves them because of the gameplay. hm…

Here is a mirror: Grav Battle.blend

Thanks for the comments guys, I feel a lot more confident in this game now. By the way I change the grav cruisers into real Anti-Gravity Ship and they look really cool, here they are…
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Hey guys I’m having a hard time coming up with an idea for a purpose. think you guy can help me out:P

What does that mean? “Pack the textures.” :confused:

sure just think of basic things like get from A to B in set time, or the clasic get all the items, maybe its a race or a demolition durby type thing. or prehaps out right crazy like ummm using the trail from the jet things to set fire to the most stuff for points. sigh if only i could do half of them

packing textures is just putting all texture images, weather it is .png or .jpeg, all into the .blend file like a folder or something like that

And I do make tutorials on youtube if guys need anything, too.:yes:

I decided to make different game modes. But I still need a team to get more stuff done quicker. Any volunteers?:smiley:

Hmm… I may think about it, but I can’t do anything until after next Saturday.(not this Saturday, but the next)

alright :smiley: