Grav button?

I’m looking at a game engine physics tutorial, but in early stages i can’t proced…

here is what it says:

“Now let’s work on the physics a bit more. First of all there is a global parameter for gravity in the World Buttons window. Add new world settings; a new slider called ‘Grav’ is now availabe. This is a constant for your world; all the Dynamic objects are affected by it. The standard value is 9.8, which results in a natural gravity-like acceleration of falling objects.”

I don’t know what world buttons are, and i don’t know about any slider called “grav”…

Any help are appreciated.

:o - > damn i love this smiley, lol.

Just Press F8 for the world buttons.
The slider should be under Mist/Stars/Physics which is by the Ambient Occ tab.

thanks :slight_smile:

By the way are you Justin?

Nope, I’m Andreas (nick: Ante)…

I have another question… The “living” objects has a collision sphere, can i resize that? Or do I have to make my (in this exemaple) “ship” smaller?

Yes you can resize the collision sphere. Go to the Logic buttons (F4) and find the size parameter. Adjust it as much as you whant (but not anymore because then would be a psychopath and would need help that not even I can give you).