Been making a graveyard :stuck_out_tongue: Not sure wether I’ll just do all the crosses + colours the same or make different gravestones. Rendering in yafray.

Test for the crosses… left one with sharp edges, right one subdivided and smoothed out.

Another test…

P.S. can anybody post a link to a decent tutorial that explains the basics of kerkythea? Cuz everything I’ve rendered in kerkythea so far came out really crappy…

Small update, improved design of the tower, added a bell and did some more stained glass, still have to change colour on most of the glass parts. Also moved the chaple a bit more backwards… think it looks better that way :stuck_out_tongue:

edit; why the hell did I need 2 pictures for that? >_>

Small update. Decided to go for the more round crosses, added a bit of detail to the church and did some experiments with materials

Good so far…what will you be using it for, just wondering.

Your crosses are like glass, they look a little to sci-fi on a graveyard (though i really like the material!), but then, maybe it has to look that way?

Unfortunately, i dont know anything about kerkythea.

Looks good so far. Only big thing missing is good lighting… I don’t know, I guess I want to see some sort of bright light shining in from somewhere.

@ bjarnskov: I’m trying to make it look a bit surreal and as bright looking as possible.

@ saxofoner: can you be a bit more specific? Lighting is probably my weakest point ^^

The idea of a graveyard full of glass crosses is certainly an interesting one. Make sure that the yard is full of headstones across the entire extent of our view – put them around the edges of the chapel and beyond, or else put something there.

Dress-up the front of the chapel, partly so that we can clearly see where that plane is situated (and just how deep the interior of the chapel is). We need to have clean visual separation with the crosses nearest to the wall.

Your composition features strong converging lines that are going to send our eye directly back to the interior of the chapel, on to the stained glass window, and keep it there. There is where the visual impact, the “story,” of your shot is going to be.

I’d suggest keeping your camera very low, and keeping your f-stop “slightly wide-angle” without getting to fisheye. A certain amount of deliberate distortion in the foreground crosses is going to look good.


Ok… managed to decipher most of that post :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m doing an overnight render now and hope to get something pretty out of it :slight_smile: I added a load of crosses (covering the entire view) and I’m thinking of making a glass mausoleum right of the chapel. I’m going to decorate the chapel interior tomorrow, will redo the stained glass window if I have the time for it too, cuz like you said: the visual impact will be there, so i better make it look pretty. ^^

Not sure what you mean by distortion, but thanks for the tips anyway :slight_smile:

EDIT; ok… no overnight render :stuck_out_tongue: took only 16 minutes… last time I rendered with all GI settings and stuff at medium levels it took about 40 minutes… weird… :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, the result: i’m not completely satisfied with the results, I think there are too many crosses so I’m probably going to do something else there (a golden fence perhaps? :p). I also put some text on the chapel, just to see how it would look (since Carpe Diem isn’t really apropriate on a graveyard ^^)

Ok, bit of a concept change I guess :slight_smile:
Instead of keeping the background with the bright style, i decided to make it very dark and tech-like. And I like it ^^ :stuck_out_tongue: I got to work on the tall structures to make them look less repetitive, going to re-do the wall behind the chapel and might also be adding some more pipes leading towards the chapel.

Thats lookin pretty good. Very interesting(maybe some dramatic lighting would help)
keep it up