Gravit Desigenr 2 Public Beta out - Free Freehand Clone

Freehand users rejoice! Gravit Designer 2 is out for an early beta testing.

Gravit features:

  • Much better pen tools than Freehand.
  • Live booleans and clipping compound curves that can be nested.
  • Powerful object effect engine
  • Very streamlined and efficient UI

Custom fonts, text styles, pages with master templates soon will be further improved.

The killer is that this is using web technology making it work everywhere. Mac PC Linus and the browser.

Not to fight Inkscape but this is turning quickly into one of the best cross platform vector tools for us.

Can export multiple pages as a single PDF for documentations as well as SVGs for Blender.

Check it out at:

does it still save everything on someone else’s harddrives aka the “cloud”?

No, no problem with saving on my drive. But it hangs infinetly when trying to save or export something else than it’s native format or pdf. At least on my Arch-Linux.
And those colors… well…

Yeah the UI colors are - interesting :wink:

The will not offer the cloud anymore. But you can load files through a native app or through the browser app when you downloaded
the file to the PC you are at.

Again this is kinda early beta!

For a first public release this is pretty good indeed. After testing, some comments:

  • SVG files are not always correctly opened.
  • performance is not great when working with more complex files. PhotoLine, for example, leaves Gravit in its dust. In particular viewport performance is much too slow in Gravit (fast mode does not seem to make a difference, and reduces the quality too much).
  • edges have anti-aliasing problems here and there
  • fills. gradients, etc. are not updated in real-time when moving nodes with the subtool.
  • moving objects is displayed with outlines only. Even when using the keyboard cursor keys.
  • no thumbnail previews in the layer panel - which is very frustrating.
  • no distortion/warp
  • the GUI is not customizable at all. Document tabs are placed at the top right? And no option to configure these side by side, it seems.

On the other hand, the tools are generally very good. Selection works quite well, and the pen tool is great.

Definitely has potential. I just fear that the competition might be a bit too far ahead at this point.

I love the UI colours but my worry would be, would I still love it after staring it for two hours straight?

thanks for the answer. I will try to look into this program. :slight_smile:

I gave it a whirl and I’m pretty impressed. It’s not powerful enough for me to replace Inkscape yet, but I’ll keep an eye on it and see how it develops.

Well it is HTML based - so yes it will always lag behind other apps.

That can be an issue for somebody who has dense illustrations. I think their target are people who need to make a logo, maybe a small booklet or such. Being HTML on the other side makes the system extremely portable. It runs even on an iPad very well. They will soon support keyboard on iPad Android too.

I posted them some tips about distortion and wrap - those I highly miss in Affinity Designer. That is the only thing I miss from Inkscape.

When they improved the font support, have text styles included, and refined the master pages then for DTP work this will become quite nice to use.

It work on ipad but i can’t tweak some slider with the pencil for example the alpha slider, opacity not working with touch i hope it can be fixed

It work on ipad but i can’t tweak some slider with the pencil for example the alpha slider, opacity not working with touch i hope it can be fixed the menu system > sub menu it difficult to access on ipad disappear when I touch.

While these web apps. seem novel, I do wonder about their long-term practically as long as web languages are slower than their offline counterparts and as long as we continue to see a trend of ISP’s imposing data limits (unlimited plans are becoming extinct in many parts of the US).

The data thing especially can potentially become a real issue if these apps. send info to a server and back whenever a tool is used (and then there’s the fact that downtime on their end can mean inaccessible work, so a risky business if you actually decide to do commission pieces).

One other thing that came to mind, the third risk of web apps. is that there’s no avoiding updates (so if there’s a turkey of an update that brings bugs or breaks your project, you’re out of luck).

The network tab in web dev tools (F12 in Firefox) will show how much data it uses. Spoiler: It’s only ~2MB. Assuming your ISP is Cox, that is 0.0002% of your monthly cap. Streaming is what the datacaps are trying to deter. Netflix et al are killing cable tv subscriptions. I’ll be surprised if they even enforce it on people that have cable tv.

Anyway, the standalone version is probably using Electron. I wouldn’t say it performs awesome, but it isn’t as constrained as a browser either.

Can not install without Internet Connection. Bye bye.

Bye Bye to your self or do you still install software via 1.4MB floppy disks?

Maybe think before typing.

It is not optimized for iOS or Android - yet!!!

They will offer the web app for using a PC you dont own (library) and download the app for Mac PC and Linux
so you can use it locally.

The app itself tho is very very small.

Freehand which nearly has as much power as AI is only 25 MB!

I can’t run it on windows this is what happens when open the app it stuck in this mode

Hmm odd feels like it stopped loading

try this:

Oh cekuhnen,

what a smart comment.

I wrote INSTALL not download!
Do you know the difference?

The installation aborts without Internet connection.
If you still do not understand it, I’ll make you a drawing.