Gravity Cube

BANNER (I can’t post the Banner but the forum say to me there are prohibited… :S)

Hi all!
devFROST , a new Team dedicated on the Game Engine of Blender is in a new project called Gravity Cube!

This Game consist in a Cube , you control a Cube , but YOU can play with the gravity of the level/map for go to the finish of the Cube World.

Gravity Cube is a Gravity-Playable Game with a Cube , the game has 170 levels in the full version , but it’s in the future.

Coming soon , the Demo , may be 30 levels in this.
More Caracterists coming soon.

ScreenShots & Videos
Coming soon.

Youtube Channel for more information : (COMING SOON).

Thanks for the hope :wink:

Funny you should post this. im working on a game called A Field Guide to Gravity which is a first person puzzle game. the primary control in the game is the ability to change gravity to solve puzzles. i created the gravity system entirely with logic brick. so if u have any questions or need any help feel free to ask! Good Luck!