Gravity does not work for cell fracture

Hey guys,

I have a problem with the cell fracture add-on.

Fracturing a Cube works fine but when I run the animation all the parts fly around randomly in my scene instead of droppping down. It seems like gravity has no or just a very little effect on these pieces. My gravity settings are default and all of my pieces have a mass of 1kg.

Does anyone know why this is happening?

Thanks a lot!

Btw. I am using Blender V 2.81

What I experience usually with cell fracture is, if you keep the shards in the original cube shape, and then enable rigid body sim, the cube ‘explodes’, all the shards instantly shooting away. It is due to the collision margin (treating the shards like already insecting in the initial state). They should still be affected by gravity as normal, though, falling down after a while.

Is it that what you experience?

Not exactly because the pieces just keep floating really long like there was almost no gravity. But removing the original cube helped indeed so thank you a lot!

What I still have not figured out is why my pieces are falling down so slow. They are more or less moving like they should now but the fall down in slowmotion. Do you have an idea why this happens? The framerate is at 30FPS so that’s not the point :frowning:

Can I see the blend file?

I’m still not allowed to upload files here but here is a link to my google drive where I put it.

Please take a took at the Empire State Building I placed outside the scene. Here you can see what I mean. Also this building collapses before the sphere hits it which should not be the case because I set it to “Start deactivated”. Maybe you also find the problem here.

Thnks a lot!

Okay, looked at it.

What I found is that the reason is the wind force field you are using on the vulcano. If I disable that, gravity seems to match correct values.

Can’t say I really understand it. As is the wind has an upward component, but if I turn it exactly horizontal it still does that.

Okay, thanks a lot for taking a look into it.

I will just try a bit more and maybe I find a solution.