gravity feature from walk-mode for placing objects

Hi everyone,

Currently im working alot with the Bethesta Creationkit and Im very impressed by a lot of fetures that they got implemented in this piece of software.

what i thaught, would quite useful in blender is a “fall to ground”-function. when you press in the CreationKit F, the selected object translated down the z axis until its pivot hits a face of another object. would be very useful to place stuff faster.

In my opinion, the same in x, -x, y, -y, -z direction could get handy, too.
Maybe use some functionalities from the new in blender implemented “walk-mode”-gravity feature.


In Blender you can enable object snapping and tap x/y/z after g to translate on specific axis and I consider this control superior to what you are describing.

Hm your right…

i should have come up with this by my self. :facepalm:

Would be greate if you can set Snapping-options individual for every mode.

Otherwise a similar feature you are describing is the flight mode in blender which can be accessed by pressing shift+F (normal fps controls + tab to apply gravity)

jep that is what i ment. but uset for placing objects