Gravity Help Please

in my game i added a cube and ground. set the gravity to 15. when start the game the object just floats. Is there a way to fix this?

The cube needs to be an actor with dynamic objects set. It’s in the far left hand corner of the f4 game menu.

i did that it fixed the problem but now it’s flipped and the coordinates are wrong. it was originaly a cube but i edited it

Make sure you put it just above the ground plane, as close as possible. Because it’s dynamic and physics are present, if it drops too far it will change position.

To be what exactly?

Pyramid, diamond, Panda bear?

A sort of Extruded T-Shape Object. it’s Vertical to the Ground. When i Start the Game it’s Horizontal.

select it and press ctrl+a and click whatever pops up. Also make sure it does not have an ipo that is interfearing with it

this is frustrating

i tried that but it only made matters worse.

i joined the objects and still got the same problem.

Select all the objects in the scene. Then unparent with alt p. press:

ctrl a
alt r
alt g
alt s
alt o
ctrl a

Then move, rotate, whatever, back into their normal places. Reparent what you want to be parented. then press ctrl a. That should fix everything. I don’t know if that will actually help, but i do it to all my games… It seems to fix any problems that have to do with malfuntioning parentings, or flippedyness.

it fixed everything except the main object. it still attacks the ground. even when the physics is set to none and 0 gravity

i figured out the problem it was i set shadow in faceselect mode. why? if that is sellected doesnt that mean that have a shadow?

No Blendeme. Shadow in the face selection bottons means that the selected faces act as a “shadow object”. In other worlds they will always be parallel to the “ground” when the game starts. You would normally parent that object or faces to your main object that is moving around to act as a shadow. This is how I understand the Gameblender manual and the blender manual on the face select buttons. One of you other GameEngine/Blender experts PLEASE correct me if I am wrong. I really hate it when people give out bad information. Including myself.

that sounds right because it described my object