Gravity in 2.53

I feel so n00bish…
I’m trying to figure out how to change the gravity in the BGE in 2.53… I found the Gravity XYZ settings in the Scene tab but changing them doesn’t seem to affect the game. Please help?

Change the mode first (top menu bar) to “Blender game”, then the world context will only have the stuff that’s available in the BGE.

Ha, thanks, it worked.

On a related note, where did the dynamic material settings go in 2.53? (friction, restitution, etc.) Are they also hidden somewhere under the game engine mode?

Did you look around the material context buttons and tabs, I’m pretty sure they’re still there from my use of the 2.5 BGE.

…and there they are. Why didn’t I see those the first 99 times I looked through the material context? :confused: oh well.

I still can’t find it. Where are they?
I’ve been looking for a long time now, getting desperate…

Oh my. The 100th time I tried I actually think it worked. I wanted to make a ball bounce and upped the Elasticity of botht he ball and the ground. It finally bounces. It was only after reading about the necessity of having restitution on both objects (ball and plane) that I finally understood the Elasticity must be set on both. I guess restitution is called elasticity on BGE 2.53, makes more sense I guess.