Gravity in blender

Aloha, Blender artists. It’s been a while since I’ve logged on.

I’ve been playing with some of the physics in blender, and I’ve noticed that I can add gravity to soft bodies, fluids, et cetera, really easily. But I was wondering if I can add gravity to any old object without turning it into a soft body or whatever. I want to do this without keyframing, if it’s possible.

2.49B or 2.52 both work. Thanks.

Pick Rigid body.

That exists?

Rigid body is another thing i’ll have to go after one of these days, for sure… But what gravity is concerned, has anybody tried to apply negative gravity on fluid sim? Nice effects or junky behaviours?

Rigid body is in the game engine only, at least for now (there’s a 2.5 branch which is supposed to change that). But it is possible to ‘bake’ the animation of the game engine dynamics into f-curves

I swear I posted a reply and it didn’t register.

Anywaaayyyys… how would I go about doing this “baking into f-curves?” I know how baking works, and I kinda know how f-curves work, but I don’t know how they work together.