Gravity in FPS+mouse movement!

1)How to create gravity for my camera in my FPS!!
I’ve tried to fix it but…
I’ve tried physics but in Sumo the camera is bouncy and in bullet it’s
rotating(Rigid Body is off)
How to solve this problem!??
2)How to make the camera move when i make the mouse move up,down,right,left??

I know standard Python and not BPython!!
:frowning: :frowning: I can’t find a good tut for bpython
I’ve searched everywere but i never saw the one!!

Help me Please or i’ll never be able to run GE at full power+python
:frowning: :frowning: :x :frowning: :frowning: [/list]

did you parent the cam to an Empty? Thats pretty important.
So let the Empty control the cam, then you yust have to do the physics with the Empty…
But if youre already using a fps-script you probably have that set up already…

if its only the gravity which is a problem i got a script here, which sets the gravity, so that you dont have to use the integraten worlds gravitiy, which doesnt work very well…

Replace the “grav”

variable with what you

want the gravity to be

import GameLogic

grav = -50 # Replace the “50” with what you wish to be the gravity


Chaser =-)

yust copy this in a text file in youre project and connect an always sensor to the script. Its global, so you yust have to do this on one object of youre choice…good luck

Erwin’s planning to put in character support after finishing vehicle support so this will solve your problem with bullet. So just wait a little longer.

i’ve followed your orders exept for the script but it doesn’t work
well it works a little
but the cam bounces

sry, i forget to mention that.
If the cam bounces you need to assign a Material to the ground. Nobody knows why, but this actually solves the problem. Of course the material will not be shown during the game, yust the UV tex.

i’ve done that material and that works fine
but there is another problem from what i can’t discover where it comes from
I’ll send the blend:
it’s a very basic version
i first need to discover how to fix all the controls and actions

well, i tried youre test. You didnt really do a fps? I mean you dont a mouse-script in youre file, so i figured you dont know how to do a fps…

sorry i’m very noob at FPS
if you know tutorials please post them here :frowning:

soo…did my demo work? That is quite a good explanation for it…i havent included much of the useless stuff, so you need almost every detail i arranged in that .blend file. That way you should be able to figure out how that works.

In general you yust parent a fps-script to the cam and let an Empty be parent of the cam. Movements are done on the Empty.

i’ve tried the demo and i love it :smiley:
it’s cool to see those actions
but i’m now going to take a closer look at how-it’s-build
thanks for the demo
hope i’ll learn some BPython too by looking to the script! :smiley:
oh first i gtg to school