Gravity - It just works

Yet another entry image for the weekend modelling competition (on

The theme of the competition is “It just works”

So i came up with a little story ->
Now since LHC had started searching for gravity i decided to make a picture about that idea and the theme.

The image was done pretty much completely in Blender in about hour.

Is that a golf ball? If so then it might make it a little better if you didn’t start out with a cube, the way the faces/depressions come together midway up in the center is bothering me.

wow, completely in blender, was post-pro. work not allowed? But I guess it isn’t to hard to do text right in blender, but that is more work then I’ve been willing to put into doing something with only one program.

I dont know if its a golf ball… i thought it would look nice… But yeah you are right. Should have picked other kind of shape…