Gravity problem (Feels like moon gravity)

Hi guys, I have a problem with the gravity in my file. Anyone knows how to fix it?
My box jumps good, but the fall is too slow.
I will post the file. (2.49 32b)

Thanks everyone


03.blend (131 KB)

Alright this is a very easy fix, it’s so easy, infact that I think it’s best for you to read some of the blender game kits or look at some youtube vids before posting something like this.

But, I will help, dont wana be to mean. :wink:

The problem is that you have set the “Damp” in the physics to about 0.8. The “Damp” sets reaktion time of an objects movement. Setting this to around zero will solve your problem.


I have noticed this too, you can have a negative z force on your object or increase the world gravity.

I’m not at a computer so can’t check your file. However I had a similar issue a while back.

Check the scale on your character. Physics calculations assume a scale of 1 blender unit per metre. It might be that your character is jumping a mile high and taking a while to fall back to earth.

An alternative to rescaling your world is to increase the force of gravity in the world settings.

You’re in Blender Render mode (top center of the main menu bar). Change to Blender Game and you’ll see different settings in Properties>World. Adjust gravity there. The max is 25. If that’s not enough turn it back to zero and apply a downward force with an always sensor.

Hi, thank you all for your quick replies. T dampen to 0 but my box bounces too much (I tested that before)

And 25 gravity doesn´t make a change. How can I apply a negative z force to my object?
Thanks again!

Use damp = 0, but play around with the material friction values. That may fix your bounceproblem.


You might want to increase your object’s mass. I can’t check your file right now, but I thought that might be something you might have not done.

You might want to increase your object’s mass. I can’t check your file right now, but I thought that might be something you might have not done.

According to the laws of physics, objects with diffrent mass always fall with the same speed (9,81 m/s). The only thing changing the fall speed would be the air friction. So that would unfortunately not fix it

Found the problem. :smiley:

Under the object physics settings, “Translation damping” is set to 0.802. This is for effects such as wind resistance, etc. For most situations, this should be near to 0. Change this to 0 or very low and your cube will no longer experience such a high damping force when it descends. You will need to reduce the force that is applied for the jump, but the gravity settings should be fine. I get no bounce at all with trranslation damping at 0.

Edit: To slow your cube down due to friction when in contact with the ground, use the “Friction” setting on the material. Materials have friction, the world has gravity, objects have wind resistance (damping) if you want a good mnemonic as to where all the different physics settings are. :wink:

Edit 2: Note that I used Ctrl+A to apply the scaling to the cube and set the collision bounds to “Box”. Object scaling can mess with things such as physics and parenting in the game engine so it is best to scale only in edit mode or apply all scaling that has been done in object mode.

Thanks guys, what I finally did to fix this was rescale the file, to make it fit in the grid…So now the box jumps and falls very fast…
Thanks again :slight_smile:

wow, aggamcore’s way actually worked.