Gravity Problem

I’ve got a ball set as my actor, and when I start up the gameplay, the ball just flies away and I can’t control it at all. Does anyone know if it’s a gravity problem or something’s wrong somewhere else? I’d appreciate it. :]

oh man, weve got another one…
Check out the stickies at the top of the Game Engine thread…
If you dont have the answer after looking thru them all then ask us…

My mac doesn’t support any of the vids or anything so I can’t really learn a lot from em.

does your mac support web pages?
Only the “Blender GE pro now” thread has vids, check the others…

Go through this tutorial.

Gravity work with enable physic. Is not very good method. There script, where in game physic is it fake and full disable.

Apparently you mac supports a lazy operater. There are tons of text and image tutorials in there. Is your ball overlapping another object? That could shoot it around.

Haha no I wouldn’t consider myself lazy… I spend hours learning about Blender all the time, be it through reading or watching videos that my mac does support and, of course, experience. I did look through that game engine tutorial and I am very grateful I did so… it helped me become ten times more acquainted with the engine’s rules. Thank you, unsettling silence, for that tutorial. Thanks, Pacman, as well, but I’m not really familiar with python enough yet to start using scripts. I do have a small, more difficult question to ask now (at least as far as my standards extend): I parented the camera to a sphere that I’m moving around in the game interface, but it rotates along with the sphere and rotates the view constantly in circles. Can anybody tell me how I can keep the camera from rotating along with its parented sphere? Thanks much. :]

Here you go.

Thanks a lot I was thinking about something like that… appreciate your help. :]