gravity problems

i already kind of asked this on my previous thread, but it was off topic, so i’ll ask it here.

when i play my game (it’s not much, really…) my character will fly off in some direction. this is only when my character is not static. however, i think it is a collision issure, since if i turn on ghost, the character slowly sinks through the floor instead of going in some random direction.
here’s my setup (x<y where y is parented to x)
cube<armeture<mesh over a plain plane
cube controls movement, and is dynamic
mesh and armeture are static and ghosted.
plane is static.

a push of P and away he goes! why?

Hi. There are many possible issue. I made thre blend files. The first one is working.
In the secound one is a concave enviroment with a convex collisions boundary box (change to triangle mesh). In the thrid one there is a to big colisions radius (change radius or change to box).
With the gost button you deaktivate the collision so it’s clear that your character slowly sinks through the floor.
Here is a good tutorial maybe that helps you to find the fault.



Kollision1.blend (128 KB)Kollision2.blend (128 KB)Kollision3.blend (128 KB)