Is it posible to make objects in the scene to be afected by gravity ? I mean something like in softbody.

Like in this: ?


Yes. Enable soft bodies for your desired object. Set Grav: to 9.8 (metric 9.81 m/s^2). If it’s a solid block, crank G stiff up to 0.999, goal to 0.00, e. stiff to 0.999, turn on stiff quads, and crank edamp to 10. Hit alt-a, and you will lose your block into the dark abyss which lies beneath blender. Put a plane underneath your block, and turn on deflection. Play with damping, inner/outer settings. Damping of the softbody block can be adjusted with Goal. If you set up vertex weight painting, use goal Group for the softbody.

Thanks Dwaren. That seems really helpful. Gotta go and learn the IPO window now.