I have a problem with getting this gravity to work: I can old down W to make my character to go forward, but this negates all gravity and he moves in a straight line. What I would like, is to know how to make it so that you can hold down W and he will still go forward, but the gravity remains in effect. Anyone know any methods?

When you go to the Logic (F4). You see your object it static. Change that to dynamic and he will fall down.

Does this help?

Nah, it already was. My problem is is that the gravity is only on when the character is not moving, thus its as if the character is flying when he is moving.

Kinda confusing, I know.

Make sure you’re moving your object using ‘force,’ not ‘loc.’ Loc(ation) just moves the object regardless of physics, whereas force applies a force the the object, causing it to move in a way that obeys the laws of physics.

Thanks, it worked! :smiley: