Is there a way to set gravity so that I could walk all over a sphere without falling off?

And is there a way to set gravity in a certain direction?

Basically how do I control gravity in Blender?

I don’t know if there is a way to do this with Blender’s “Gravity” feature, but with python you could simulate gravity in the way it works on a planet by controlling downward force on the character. Or by making the character stick to the surface normals of the sphere.

If there was a way to just set how attractive an objoect was on a global level than I could set a sphere to a planet.

If you have ever played Super Mario Galaxy then you will know what I am trying to acheive.

I have just noticed that the default cube will stop at the grid where as other objects will fall to the plain which I created.

What is going on here?

I don’t know. We need more info to resolve your problem.

As far as the gravity thing, you should look into bullet-holes in some FPS template. The idea is that the gun shoots a ray and detects what the direction the hit normal is, then aligns the hole with that normal. You’d do something very similar with your character (perhaps with a constant local -z force of 9.81 to put in gravity).

Anyone read this thread and have a 360 controller? I will post my .blend if you like.

I noticed that the back and start buttons on the controller are stopping the object from falling.

Yes. Look here:

And is there a way to set gravity in a certain direction?
Yes. You would define direction with a list that represents a 3D vector, and then you would pass that to GameLogic.setGravity().

You can find the detailed API documentation here:

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