Gray background, no wallpaper now grid lines are visable

Not too long ago I decided to optimize my system for boot speed, memory, wasted CPU cycles and the like. One thing that I did was to remove all of eye candy that I could from the desktop(s) ( I am using windows XP home edition) and then set the background to darkish gray to match my theme. Everything works fine and times for memory intensive programs running in the background seem to have improved. Now here’s the problem. Windows also uses a grid for snapping objects to (as in blender’s grid system). With a solid color background, you see barely visible light gray grid lines. The question I have (and I have spent more than four hours searching and have not come up with anything) Does anyone know how to either make the grid totally inviable or change their color? I am becoming obsessed with this because once I noticed them I can’t un-notice them. :frowning:

EDIT Ahaaa, I think that I may have figured it out! I waching the grid and it’s sudivisions increased. As short time later a small circle started coming from the bottom of the screen very slowly. It got about half-way up and trggered something that realeased a cloud of particles or something and it kept going up the screen. A liitle higher and the circle shot out some little +'s and released even larger cloulds. The circle then went a bit further and more clouds were realsed. Then it shot another little + at something at bottom of the screen and wole cycle started over. I figred that it had to be a map of some kind, way… too slow for a game. So in frustration at time I had aready spent trying to figure this out I put on some wallpaper (which happened to be the original one as it was the only one that I get to load) and the grid went away even on large ares of different colors. So I was watching the original wallpaper on my other monitor, Guess what? It Was animated in slow motion! So I guess my next question would be, how do I delete wallpapers from my system? I tried searching for the one that was working and couldn’t find it… :smiley: