Gray Eliezer

My tribute to Metal Gear Rex and some cheesy 80’s style actiony stuff. The model has been a labour of love over the last year for some practice.

Modeled, UV’d, rigged, and animated in Blender 2.83/2.90
Textured in Substance Painter
Rendered in Cycles
Overlays and final grading done in After Effects
Edited in Premier Pro

The WIP can be found here - Metal Gear Rex

Animation is here - Gray Eliezer on Vimeo


Heck yeah! cool to see it moving after all this time!

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Thanks man. There are a few things that I could’ve improved on for sure, but I felt I had to get this done and off the shelf. It was a superb learning experience.

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For sure, sometimes you just gotta finish a thing, so you can start the next thing with all the things you just learned and be even better!