Gray image rendering problem

Below is a picture of a project with a car. But I can’t see the rendered image because that gray color.
What should I do t osee the right image rendered?

Looks like some kind of strange material setup. Is that a volumetric material even?

yep popski. The material is a red solid color. Very simple.
It is quite stranger.

That’s the image of another model with the same properties.

And is all correct.

…What’a pity. That car is so cool. And I can’t keep that work without rendering the image.
Someone has this problem or know about?

Have you checked in the world settings to see if mist is on? If mist is set to the wrong setting it could be covering most of the car by it.

Yes Tom.
Mist, Stars, DBUT culling, Lin, Sqr are not activadeds.
Quad are activadeds.

So the render image still a same.

Hmm, can you post .blend of this box in and provide us a link to it? You know it’s hard to help you on this one without checking a file…