gray scrreen and white objects

i’ v added an object and set the color to white

but on the screen it shows as gray like the screen :eek:

Anyway around this behavior :eek: :confused:

Tanks & Salutations

Sorry I am kinda lost maby the object / model that you added has all the face’s invisible or somthing ?

maby try making the face’s two-sided ?

Or trye using " s " and scaling it the other way around ?

Or maby you have the log-bricks on that model set to invisible always ?

Try some of the stuff I typed above maby it might help you ?
if I am not even close please re-type the question.

No take a simple cube give it a white color and try rendering it

it won’t be white but greyhish

That is it very simple

How can i get white when redering it !


This is a common problem try a search.
Some solutions add more light intensity, use emit, add more lights.
the blend


Turn reflectivity to 1.0.

whit some good general lighting
it’s beginning to look white


Forogt to say that…

But this is not affecting the screen view only the render view

I’m not certain why the screen view seems to be afraid of white


Read about the differences of the draw types …