Grease pencil 2.8 play


(Berbank Green) #1


Very cute! Love it! :grin:

(alf0) #3

this is so nice
how many frame is it ?
and what frame rate 12 _24_60 frame per secend ?

(vasant) #4

super cute …! :hearts:

(Berbank Green) #5

It’s 72 frames long at 24 fps. All on 1’s.

(Ricky) #6

@BerbankGreen Beautiful. I love it. :slight_smile:

@BerbankGreen Is it relatively easy to make 2D Animation compared to 3D animation in Blender 2.8? Is special training required for it like for 3D Animation?

(stilltrying) #7

I like it, I like it. Nice work.

(djwaterman) #8

This is fantastic.