Grease Pencil Add-on (free)


(V Ven Lee) #1

Download link:

(newbeing) #2

This looks really useful, thanks!
edit: can’t seem to get it to work in beta

(V Ven Lee) #3

It’s for blender 2.8,did you use that version?

(newbeing) #4

yes i used the latest 2.8 beta . The addon is activated, but no difference in the viewport.

(V Ven Lee) #5

Did you search for the Planex and execute it?

(V Ven Lee) #6

image Like this

(newbeing) #7

Ah yes! I did now, thanks!

(V Ven Lee) #8

PLUS: If you want to close it, just execute that again.

(cornell) #9

Yes, that is exactly what I have been missing, great work!