Grease Pencil addon reset canvas rotation shortcut?

Hi guys, there is an addon bundled with Blender called “Grease pencil tools”

It has a shortcut that enables you to rotate canvas or “roll camera” there doesn’t seem to be a reset shortcut for it though. Going back to object mode, selecting the camera, and resetting the values in transform (N Panel) manually, seems to be the only way to reset.

anyone have in insight?

Hello ! I don’t know if you found out already but since I was searching that as well and figured it out, I thought it could eventually help someone else so I’ll put my solution here.

There is no predefined keyboard shortcut for the function, so if you want to have one that doesn’t involves clicking on the “reset rotation” button in your sidebar, you can assign a shortcut of your own to the “reset rotation” function by going into your keymap settings (edit → preferences → keymaps) and add a new shortcut under Grease Pencil → Grease Pencil (Global), and in the function field type in “gp.reset_cam_rot” and assign the key you’re used to (I put esc and for now it doesn’t cause me problems).

Hope it can help :slight_smile: