Grease pencil and lattice modifier

Good day everyone. I’m very new to grease pencil and I’ve been closely following this tutorial by Sketchy Squirrel.

Here’s the problem, the moment I try use the lattice modifier it immediately deforms the grease pencil stroke. I played around with the object origins, but that didn’t help much.

Before and after using lattice modifier

How can I resolve this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Is that lattice scaled before you link it? If so apply scale so it becomes 1,1,1. (ctrl + A > scale)

Hi, thank you so much for helping, below is the result I got, its a bit better though.

What else can I do avoid the unwanted deformation.

Found the problem, I must have scaled the lattice to that size while in edit mode, should’ve scaled in object mode. I don’t know how to reverse it though, so i started over.

Glad to hear you got it solved. :+1: