Grease pencil angular lines bug

hi guys,
i’m having this issue on a vanilla blender 2.81a:

the lines are square-like, definitively not enough points here. this is the default brush, without any tweaking. when i add smooth, you can still see those angles. then i try to change all sets of parameter but nothing seems to work.
all my other drawing softwares make proper lines, working perfectly on my wacom mobil studio pro 16.
On every tutorial i found online, they start with a smooth brush and don’t even talk about it, i guess this is not a common issue for everyone.
i’m not considering using stabilize as a viable solution since its very slow and inaccurate. Responsiveness is crucial when drawing, especially for animation.
Any ideas?

I have the same issues with it and plenty of people too.

I don’t think it’s a bug. If you lower the input samples it will give even worse results but 10 is the top. no other option really affects it at this point (sure there is smoothing but smoothing with few points still results in jagged lines) the only guess I have is that the input samples would need to be higher so there’s more points for interpolation.

The only way I find decently smooth lines (with a bit of smoothing like it or not without at least a little bit of smoothing you might be better at some other program at this moment) is if you slow down when drawing - if you switch to edit mode and check how the line’s points are distributed you will see it’s more even, not perfect but definitely much more usable).

If you don’t and go with fast curved strokes (no need for light speed here) and switch to edit mode you can see that curve points are distributed very unevenly thus leading to segments of straight lines as there are only two points while at some other parts of the line they are all clumped together.

You can eventually use smooth brush to smooth the lines but it’s definitely not perfect solution as that might heavily influence the shape of your line.

If you figure how to improve it please, if you don’t mind, I’d love to hear about it :slight_smile:

PS: Doesn’t matter if you are using mouse or a pen, results are the same.

Solved. So what i did is i’ve imported a brush from an older file, and voilà!
now when i create a new file, the default brush is just fine; why? i don’t have any ideas! :laughing:

well, not really solved, the angular draw is back… we need a real solution…

Well, it seems it’s a normal issue with fast strokes (i tend to draw really fast when i’m sketching) apparently this issue will be corrected in the upcoming 2.83 version with the global grease pencil performance update^^

you can try adding a subdivision modifier. See if it works for you