Grease Pencil/Annotation Tool Text Typing


I’ve been looking for an addon or a solution for this for a few days without success… I would like to take written notes directly in Blender’s Viewport pretty much like one would with the annotation tool but with the option of typing the notes instead of roughly handwriting them. (I find handwriting even with a tablet a slower process than typing and not as clear)

As I work in sequences of a few thousand frames, that would be helpful to have a “text Annotation” tool that I can change the content at any frame, leaving specific or quick notes for this or that section. I used a similar method in RV Player for artists that I was leading to write notes directly on their playblasts at specific frames or to write notes for myself while watching my own playblasts, all in the goal of seeing the notes at the specific frame it needs to be corrected.

I saw this post from almost 2 years ago (, but I think that annotation tool or grease pencil Text tool would be even faster :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think, if there is a better place for this type of request or if you would need an example!

Thanks a lot!