Grease Pencil bug or user error? - YOU DECIDE - video attached :)

Hi, Please see my quick video and let me know if you notice me missing a setting in the process of me adding a grease pencil to a general file and it got crazy when drawing near a plane. If I start a file as a 2D Animation workspace everything works as expected but my situation requires me to add grease pencil to an existing file.


Is this a bug or did I forget a setting?

That looks like a display bug of GP strokes without a material.

In 2D animation workspace, GP object present already has a material used by default.
In your .blend file, you probably need to add a material to GP object to avoid that issue.

Thank you for looking into it and giving me feedback @zeauro Good catch! I didn’t realize that was a step in setting up GP. I went in to see if the problem persisted once I added the missing material and unfortunately I still get the preview problem. I have a bug report placed with but any additional insight on what it could be would be great and I will share the additional info in the bug report. I rolled back to Version 2.90.1 from both of the most recent Alpha and Beta’s builds and the problem is not present in the older 2.90.1 build