Grease pencil - Can't join ends of grease pencil stroke?

I want to join the ends of a grease pencil stroke to create a loop, but ctrl+J doesn’t work.
So I can merge the two points together but then they are somehow disconnected.

I am not too sure if this is a bug but when I deselect the stroke and reselect sometimes it joins the stroke, very confusing.

Why can’t I just use Join in this case, wouldn’t that save steps?

After merging points

After deselecting points after merge (it works, but they aren’t joined)

Example, I used the sculpt tool to smooth and the points aren’t merged or joined.

Okay, I found the solution.

Pressing F to close gaps does work but it is a bit odd as it adds an extra point, would be much easier if this was possible with joining the points with Ctrl+J

But to join the ends of a stroke means closing the stroke and this is: F.
Ctrl+J means joining different strokes and those would be joining endpoint of the one to startpoint of the other.

Don’t confuse this with mesh vertices.

Yes thanks, there is still a problem after connecting ends as it will form a crease if you use the smooth sculpt operation.