Grease Pencil Character Rig

Hey there!

I am creating a full body character rig that I hope to use for 2D animations.

Currently figuring out how best to approach making limbs. With some lattice modifiers it seems pretty easy to create editable, functional rigs that can fully integrate 2D and 3D animation.

I don’t need to weight paint any grease pencil objects because the lattice takes care of the deformation. Adding new lines or replacing sections is straightforward. Looking forward to developing this more. I think once I have the process down I will be able to animate extremely fast.

Looking forward to sharing the results with y’all!

Don’t know if I’ll be very good with replying here! If you’re looking to get a hold of me my Twitter or YouTube channel is the best way.

Update 2

Progress continues! It’s better to see it as a full body rig rather than just an arm.

I simplified the lattices. Just a flat plane works best, especially since I am going for a 2D effect anyways.

Next will be to do a simple walk cycle.

Update Three!

So I made a quick animation. Results are good! You can see how easy it is to edit the grease pencil objects once the rough animation is in place. And you can easily add new lines in the edit mode.

Going to make a new rig to start testing things like clothing, etc.

PEACE OUT :sunglasses:

Update Four!!

Created Beau from Critical Role as a test rig. She’s coming out well! Jumping is very fun to animate.

The ability to add depth to linework is very powerful! Looking forward to experimenting more.

Feel free to ask questions!