grease pencil continuous stroke?

hi community

while painting in grease pencil mode:
¿is there any way to continue a line after releasing the mouse button?
for example to draw a long line spining around a cilinder .

thanks in advance

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There is no way to connect two strokes, I’m afraid. However if you want to draw to an object, you can use UV unwrapping instead and draw directly to the surface of your cylinder.

thanks matte ,but i need to paint it in 3dspace to convert the stroke to a bezier and make a wire.
i was trying to create many, many, wires using the grease pencil surface option . and i was trying to find the fastest way.
thanks anyways

You don’t have to use paint strokes to get a bezier curve which fits to a cylinder.

In edit mode select the top edges of the cylinder:

Then duplicate the selection (shift_d):

(For demonstration purposes I moved the duplicated edge loop to a different z-location )

Then you can seperate the selected edge loop from the cylinder with the “p”-key. In object mode you will find a new generated mesh containing the selected mesh ring.

Then you can convert the new generated mesh to a curve. Just select the new mesh in object mode and press “alt-c” or use the object menu:

The resulting curve object will perfectly fit the cylinder surface. Due to the file limitation I will post the result in an additional post.

You may use the proportional tools limited to the z-axis to move the individual points on the cylinder surface.

First of all - you can simply merge several curves with ctrl+J and then F-fill between any selected points.

You can’t connect already existing GP strokes at this point. But since a few versions, you can at least draw continuous point-to-point lines. Ctrl+D+RMB to enter “draw poly line”-mode, then click or drag with LMB. Move the view any way you want. Confirm with escape or enter.

How do you limit the poly line strokes to be painted on the object surface then? IMHO poly lines (currently?) override surface sketching.

ok that last tip was the key.thank you very much:)

very usefull.thanks matte, i forget about try to join the two curves.